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Best Buy in Louisville, Kentucky - Employee

this emplyee came up to me.did not identify himself at. grab the cellphone out of my hand.yes my y cell phone.want to look at this.i like this cell phone.we went outside was rude to me dont come back at this store at all.what did i do wrong.i don't know what i did wrong at all.starts fooling around with my phone what for.
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Best Buy Customer Care
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Poor customer service

Best Buy in Louisville, Kentucky - Worst Customer Service Ever- Has Owed Me $600 for over 6 weeks

I recently purchased a washer and dryer from Best Buy. Washer was in stock, dryer wasn't. I received the washer and after a failed delivery attempt and NO CALL FROM Best Buy to reschedule for 2 weeks, I cancelled the dryer order. I was told the money would be refunded and received a notice from Best Buy stating my money would be refunded. It has been six weeks since I was told the money would be refunded and nothing. I called Customer Service and was told they refunded my money to the bank and the bank had not accepted it. So I called my bank and they stated that was not the case. So I call Best Buy customer service again and they said that I had not been refunded and that the store had to do inventory to make sure the dryer was there. I received a voicemail back stating the store has my dryer and should be issuing me a refund. Over 24 hrs later and no refund, no call from the store, no nothing. I call the store and finally for the first time ever got some one on the phone and after 15 minutes with no resolution I was "accidentally" hung up on. So I call back and am on hold for 10 minutes and am told they are too busy to work on my return. Best Buy is the worst company I have ever dealt with. Almost pushes me over the postal edge. So still, no resolution. I will NEVER purchase anything from BB ever again.
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Best Buy Customer Care
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Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy
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Full refund

Best Buy in Louisville, Kentucky - Extended warranty is a rip off!!!

I purchased a television from them in February I bumped the tv a crack is in the screen and the screen is not covered in my warranty.I purchased a extended warranty still not covered what the *** is the purpose of the extended warranty??; NEVER AGAIN WILL I BUY ANYTHING FROM A BEST BUY AGAIN its sad that they would do people this way when your a loyal customer they don't care its all about the money with them...You call to speak with the manger Jake Trotwood Ohio and he is no help didn't know what the *** he was talking about
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First, I'd recommend to never get an extended warranty. Most of the time your items would die after the warranty, it seems.

Otherwise it is damaged due to... well, accidents. It's just how it is. I also learned that in a business (ethics) class.

Second, there is a warranty you could buy. It's called accidental warranty.

I had a few problems with my laptop, and it is worth it in the end, depending on the price. I wouldn't go for a 200 dollar one, depending on the issue with your item.


Give all the facts you tard!!! TV's don't crack when you "bump" them.


No extended warranty from any company covers physical damage. That is not only in your brochure but also common sense which is something you obviously lack.

John N

Businesses like BestBuy and WalMart make alot of money selling extended warranties. They are almost never worth it to you, the consumer.

You need to read the contract when you sign up for it. However, they ask you at the checkout counter and you would have to hold everyone up in line while you read it and most people don't do this and if you ask what it covers, the dufus checking you out will say "everything" usually and of course, there are ALWAYS exceptions in the contract. Best bet, do as I and thousands are doing---stay the heck away from BestBuy and go somewhere else from now on.

You have learned a lesson today, my son. You're welcome.


Warranties do not cover physical damage. Not only is that in the brochure you were given, it's just common sense. Otherwise people could break their things on purpose and get a brand new one.

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