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Good Morning Sir ,Greetings Of The Day!!

I bought a laptop Dell XPS 12 on 07/01/2013 for 1077.49 USD from Best Buy (MayField Heights,OH-44124.I had made payment through my Prepaid Forex MasterCard.(HDFC Bank Card No. 5267 1503 0015 0869)Unfortunately I was not satisfied & I made it return on 07/17/2013.But till yet I coudn't get the cash in my account.I went again to Best Buy for this query and was told that it would take 3 working days , but the problem is still not resolved.I had a word with my Customer Care of HDFC Bank in India and I was Informed that my card has some technical problem issue.Since I have to leave for India on 07/27/2013 and I need to buy another laptop from Best Buy , I request you to kindly give me a Cash refund or Adjust the money in new laptop.An early action will be awaited.

Thanks & Regards,Anuj Gera +1 216-269-7308

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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Why in the world would you post your card number on here??? Don't you know this is public?!?! Wow, how careless and senseless.


Haha. Weird! I thought the same thing.



So you want Best Buy to give you the cash for the laptop that you returned because your credit card has a problem? Sounds like that is your problem, not theirs!

Oh by the way your a *** for posting your credit card number, wonder why your account has a "technical issue".


I drove to Best Buy to check out some accessories for the new GoPro camera I just purchased, I got a marked down Tripod (tag said used, no damage) and a GoPro adapter for the tripod. However, after careful inspection found the mount of the tripod would not rotate (meaning it's broken). So I returned it along with the GoPro adapter. I was informed that I would only receive Cash back for my refund, even though I paid with my USAA Debit card. (Now, I know for most people Cash Back isn't a big deal, but I can't deposit cash into my USAA account without having a separate bank I can deposit money into, then transferring that money into my USAA account.)

Working in retail myself, I find it extremely suspicions that a store would only give cash back on refunds. A supervisor told me that refunds under $250 are given back as cash, and that it's "store policy." So I got in touch with a store manager, who echoed the same statement. However, he managed to cancel the transaction, (meaning the debit card purchase would not go though, not that he refunded my debit card.)

When I got home and called 1800BESTBUY and spoke to a rep, she informed me there was NO store policy regarding giving cash back for purchases under $250. After I told her I worked in retail too, we had a long conversation about what that means (only giving cash back), and both came to the conclusion something was wrong, something was very, very wrong...


Any debit transaction under $250 goes back as cash instead of straight back to your debit.


Johny - that time i was thinking like might be some problem in my card only but after a time when i got credit from nike and tommy then i got confirmed it is perfectly working the query has been sought by the bank in next two working days but the same best buy money has not been updated yet in my card yu tel dumb *** who is wrong here my bank or a best buy ?