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Purchased 2 ipad3 in November 2012, one worked fine and one stopped holding a charge. I paid for a warranty for both of them.

After speeding a week trying to back the broken one up, I take it back to Best Buy. Yea they basically told me I could get an iPad 2 or pay $55.00 fora ipad4. I have twin girls.....that would not go over well. So I I declined and just asked for the same one.

The manager told me they don't carry Ipad3 anymore so I only have two choices downgrade or upgrade. I asked if they could call another best buy to see f they had any left. The answer was No. I emailed my problem, haven't heard anything there.

I called customer service which the guy who answered couldn't believe it, said I should have the iPad 3, no problem. He calls the best buy, gets ack to me.....thus s what I was buy stopped getting ipad3 in MARCH, sold the rest of inventory. So you WILL ave to upgrade or downgrade!! I said so you sold me two ipad3 with WARRANTIES that you knew ou would NOT be able to honor!

He replies yea basically! WOW !

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Nothing in any store last forever, especially when we talking about Apple products. Probably should have bought them at a regular Apple store or something.


They ARE honoring your warranty by allowing you to get a different ipad. If you did not have the warranty you would have to deal with Apple if the ipad was still under manufacturers warranty.

The Best Buy PROTECTION plan (they are NOT warranties) will replace your ipad with a COMPARABLE product. You cannot expect a company to keep in stock every product ever sold "just in case" someone needs a replacement. Best Buy has done nothing wrong. They offered you TWO different solutions.

Besides, all the ipads look the same for the most part . . .

so your girls would probably never know there was a difference unless you told them. Stop blaming Best Buy.


now you know to not buy an iPad because there's a new one every few months. you should blame Apple, not Best Buy because in a couple years.. what retail store is going to want to carry 10 types of iPad's, 8 types of iPhone's and a bunch of iPod's when the only difference is the number on the back of the device and MAYBE a slightly different screen size.


So you believe that once they sold you an Ipad 3 they were obligated to continue to sell them for the duration of your warranty just to be able to replace yours if they need to? Yeah, that's reasonable.