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My boyfriend and I purchases a computer, printer bundle on October 15Th, 2010. We were told by your representative (0016####-the same rep checked us out.) that our computer came with Home Edition of Windows 2010 and all the equipment to hook the printer to the computer. Much to our surprise our purchase was lacking these two items. Along with general computer problems within the first week of us owning the computer. On October 20Th, 2010 Jimmie C. called the local Best Buy,where we had bought this computer, and was told by a woman that she would call him back. 24 hours later there still was NO call back. On October 21st,2010 Andrea called and spoke briefly with a man in the "Geek Squad" named Jimmy. During this time Jimmy hung up on her. Again on October 21,2010 Jimmie C. called back and spoke to assembly the same Jeremiah M. (Jimmy) again about customer service and the over all problem with the purchase. During this call Jimmy offered a discount on the computer cord that was supposed to be included in the purchase, then changed his mind to giving us the cord. He proceeded to tell us that the sales rep "really meant to say that..." and that they have had this problem before, of sales reps misinforming customers of what they are purchasing. We then discussed about the Windows software, he told us that we needed to come and pay another $150 in-order to have what we were told to already come with our purchase. Along with putting us on hold in the middle of speaking. Jimmy ended our conversation by telling us that our option was to bring it back to be satisfied. Drea
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Yeah computers never come preloaded with a full version of Microsoft Office, Usually just a 15-30 day trial or something. But NEVER a full loaded version. Sorry you misunderstood what you were getting.

But all PC's come loaded with windows operating system of some kind.

I think you really just misunderstood what you were getting. and to get Office would costs about 150.00


I think there is a misunderstanding here. All the computer DO come with windows home edition, just like they said, or just like you asked.

None of them come with Office, which is what I think you really meant.

That is due to legal restrictions and no retailer can offer those. If you asked if it comes with windows home, and the employee said yes, then everything said was true.


that is the thing they were supposed to be preloaded that is what i paid for BUT there is nothing


Can't quite figure out what your problem with the Windows7 Home Edition is. Computers don't come with separate restoration discs anymore.

The software is preloaded on the computer hard drive and you must have blank DVD's handy to burn your own restoration discs when you first switch your computer on. Normally a new computer will prompt you to do this when just unpacked and first switched on.

You can do this at a later stage but now your restoration discs will include all programs you have installed and might take a lot of blank DVD's to complete. Far better to restore the computer as it came from the manufacturer.

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