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Their interest rate is through the roof. The interest being charged on my $1786.74 is $149.22 a month, which is ridiculous.

I have had a credit card with them for years, never missed or been late on a payment, with good credit, but I guess none of this makes a difference for them.

Their should be some kind of law that can stop these big corporations from jacking up the interest rates whenever it suites them. I am a retired senior citizens with limited income, but believes me, I will make a way to pay them off completely, tear up their credit card and never shop at their store again.

Reason of review: High Interest Rates.

Preferred solution: Reducing their rediculous high interest that they are charging. My minimum payment is 48.00, so even if I pay the minimum are more, it doesn't make a difference because when they add the $149.22 interest, my bill is higher then it was before .

Best Buy Pros: Sales people are good.

Best Buy Cons: High interest the charge on their credit cards.

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Unfortunately that is how it is I only use their card when I know it is interest free for X months - I have never paid a dime in interest because I always paid it off before the Promotion expires. Good luck possibly open a balance transfer option with another card.

Discover had 0% for 18 months no balance transfer fee.

Even if they charge you 3 or 5 % fee you get that extra time to pay it off. And the fee will be less than the accumulated monthly interest.

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