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We purchased an Insignia 42 in plasma television model, NS-P42Q-10A, on January 31, 2010. While watching the tv the screen would turn all bright green.

By September it was occuring more frequently and became very annoying. After the screen turned green it needed to be turned off and back on to get rid of the green screen. However, once turned back on it would just shut off within seconds by itself. Called the Best Buy Geek Squad had the "main board" repaire in September Now it's December 2010 and we are again having random times where the sreen turns green and then the tv will not stay on.

The first repair is under the 90 day repair shop warranty - they need to look at again. They have had our tv for 4 days now and it looks like at least another week before Best Buy can get the authorization for second repair to shop, parts ordered and tv attemped to be fixed AGAIN! I have called Best Buy Geek Squad several times. I have also called Insignia and was referred back to Geek Squad.

I was also told the tv must "fail" repair 4 times!!!! before it would be considered a LEMON.

It is on it's second repair and I consider this 11 month old tv a lemon. My recommendation is to NEVER purchase an Insigna TV - they are JUNK!

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Don't go to the geek squad..go to insigna cooperate office..email if need be. The point of the whole company is that their tv was defective from day one.

A tv should not go bad even in 5 nyears. We have upgrade tec hnical componets that are failing and they still are making money.The older tv hold up for years.,Why are the newer ones updated. This is not your problem yes they have made it our problem but it has to be made their problem! We invest and trust their company to produce a tv product better then the ones before.

I do believe they should honor what we invested in. I would expect their company would do the right thing....Taking care of their investors who support their company..they would not be where they are if it wasnot for the consumers..no sales without us...I do believe with persistency the issue can be taken care of....do not take no for an answer..speak to the heart of the comapany manager and not his head...another word you can be angry but sin not.....



For the price of its been a good deal for me.

sorry for my spelling , i am not wearing my glasses and having a few drinks.

I am using HDMI from my laptop to my TV while i type from the couch.


I have been looking for newer TV but cannot find one as good as my Insignia I have seen a few but not many most are pixel ***. Most older folks like my parents just go to the store and just notice its a flat screen and think its great until I tell them the old big TV they have looks more clear and crisp then any of the new flat screen.

They have a really nice old large box type tv that looks better then there new large as *** flat screen .

Anyway sorry about you getting a lemon it happens.

I should post a video on how nice mine is.

I have looked for another one so i can put it in the boat but cannot.


I have the same TV. Insignia Plazma 42 Model number NSP42Q10A.

I bought this along time ago in 2007 .

Like anything you buy there will always be a lemon out of a number made.

Mine is the best TV I ever owned including the new Samsung which cost me more but

has more and is not as nice.

I am so happy with mine I want to put it on my sailboat but I have yet to find another with as good of picture. All the other high end name brands have not been able to give me this good of quality. In the store they play video that are HD and look nice but when you turn the TV on with different signals ect I find the old Insignia Plazma is the best. I wish the stores would just use TV channel so we can see all of the tvs on the same channel then pick the best one.

Instead they loop a HD video that makes it look nice until you get home and turn it on to see all the pixels. I spent alot of money on my new Samsung and it sucks , My Insignia same model as you is much better.


Welcome to the Insignia Lemon Club fellow member





7 months that all i got out of mine. this is bull how can this company get away with selling a product that is so terrible. the CEO of this company should have to apologize face to face with all the people that he is rapeing and see how that turns out.....what a bunch of bastards.


Spoken like a true geek squad member... i used to work at best buy i would say that less than one percent of all people that purchase a performance service plan...

read it before they purchase... they go solely on what the silver tounged salesman in front of them is telling them...i know i was one of those salesman... basically I'm saying don't insult someone's intelligence because they were sold something that was poorly presented...and I do firmly believe in service plans...

always have... but they as a whole need to be presented better with more explanation on services and policies

This Guy



Yes, Best Buy's warranty states that your TV must fail 4 times to be considered a lemon. What you consider a lemon doesn't mean squat.

It also says that until then, your TV will be repaired, not replaced. Of course, I'm not telling you anything you don't already know because a smart person such as yourself surely read their warranty information before purchasing.