Please dont buy stuff from Bestbuy.. Its a waste of your money !! | Best Buy review from Palatine, Illinois

Hi, I bought 2 wireless mouse from Bestbuy. One worked for 3 months and I opened other one after 3 months and it never worked. When I call the customer care about this, they said, you should have read customer return policy before buying and should have bought warranty. That idiotic customer rep even asked me to go to HP website to return the product. Bestbuy is just waste of money.. Please buy stuff at other places like groupon or Amazon or e-bay. Please buy stuff from BESTBUY if you want to fill your trash bin. Take this review serious or else God have to save you !!
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"That idiotic customer rep even asked me to go to HP website to return the product."

Hey genius, that is what you do when past the store's return policy and it is now an issue of a manufacturer's warranty due to defect. After Best Buy's 15 day return policy it is no longer their issue.

It then becomes time for YOU to deal with the manufacturer and THEIR warranty.

How long do you expect to be able to exchange an item through Best Buy? 6 months? A year?

It doesn't work that way.

You want to have people shop at Amazon instead? Sure, let's read Amazon's defective item policy:

"If your item isn't working properly, please check the product manual and detail page for troubleshooting steps. If you need additional help with troubleshooting, warranty information, or need missing or replacement parts, contact the product's manufacturer."

Oh look, it says if you need help contact the product's manufacturer for warranty information, the same thing BEST BUY told you to do.

Target, Walmart, HHGregg, any retailer works the same way.

After their designated return/exchange timeframe if anything goes wrong after that you must contact the manufacturer. Welcome to retail shopping.

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I will never purchase anything from Worst Buy ever again. In the past thirteen months I have purchased three laptops from Worst Buy. Two of them failed within 5 weeks. THe first one I brought the computer in for warranty work 5 weeks after I bought it and I was told...
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Jesus that was barely comprehensible. It was plain idiotic for more reasons than I'm willing to waste my time going into, aside from making sure to type this so you know how much of a *** your statement made you out to be.

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