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Same problem here. I ordered a stack kit with my washer and dryer and after 2 deliveries they still don't have it here. I also ordered a double oven and they came out to messure the opening to make sure it would fit and then canceled the order without saying anything, but didn't tell the delivery people (who I found out when they were here they don't even work for Best Buy) until they came out to install it only to find out it wouldn't fit. then ordered a new one only but they keep putting off saying it's on back order. Why was it not on back order 6 weeks ago or anytime in between when I ordered it until 3 days before delivery. So they have full payment for all items and they still have the items as well.
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My daughter recieved a laptop computer for her birthday, which is New Years Eve. On March 10, of this year the screen went BLACK. It was only 2 and 1/2 months old. We had Black tie Warranty on it. We went to the Geek Squad. They said it will be back in 4 days, after 4 days, my daughter called, they said oh, it will be another week. ok, stuff happens, so after another week, I called they said oh, well it came back and wasnt working, we had to replace the motherboard. they said 3 to 5 business days, Ok folks, my daughter is a senior, she had papers to write, and facebook updates to make, bla bla bla. after 5 days i go up there, uh no its no here they say, do you have it? uh no i dont, you all do. oh yeah thats right. Its the end of march by now. Well, they wont get it back until april 20th cuz a part they need is on back order. I say, i want a new one. they say oh no, it has to be sent back 4 times until that happens, i say, its TWO MONTHS OLD. well thats the procedure. ok, 1 week goes by , i get a call, hey its here. ok, how can that be? you said april 20th? well they replaced the motherboard again, and the hard drive, ok we go up there at around 300pm . my daughter looks at it, its got dents, scracthes, scuffed up. chips out of the case, . we go back up there, i say i want a new one. this was not like this, i said we did not do this, we have only had it for 3 hours, i want a new one. Well we cant do that, we will send it back, I called consumer relations, best buy i have spoken with at least six different people. I was promised a replacement , a gift card for the purchase of a new laptop and told i would only speak with them. a week later i get a call from the store, its ready.
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Alan C

Best Buy sends these out under warranty regardless of your Geek Squad plan. The repair depot bills the mfr in year 1.

While you paid a ton of money up front, there is and never was any CLAUSE guaranteeing turnaround time.

If you go directly through the mfr in YEAR 1, you are better off. Geek Squad are NOT hardware authorized repair services for any mfr.


well.. I'll be honest.

most of the people on here complain about not being able to return a broken keyboard that they bought a year ago or a shirt that was worn a few times that couldn't be returned. or they complain that no one assisted them within 30 seconds even though they didn't ask for help. but this complaint is a really serious one for once. I'd be mad too if I was the original poster.

I mean the part about Facebook was dumb, I'm sure she used Facebook on her phone. but other than that, this complaint is completely valid.

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