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Refused to replace faulty product. Costing me $900 in lost wages | Best Buy review from Joliet, Illinois

My BBB complaint against Best Buy filed moments ago.... Don't bother buying from them. They do not stand behind their products, their customer service is a joke, and their protection programs do nothing but tick people off. Enjoy the complaint: Filed against : Best Buy-Joliet 1500 N. Larkin Joliet IL 60435-3769 Complaint Description: On 3/2/2013 I purchased a new Toshiba Laptop, My receipt shows: P845-S4310 P845-S4310 - WIN8/14"/I5/6GB from Best Buy in Joliet, IL. I also purchased a protection and replacement plan, for one year, GSP # 4236175747. On 5/28/2013, my computer would not boot up. I called Geek Squad, and the agent stated I did not have a protection plan and there was nothing he could do for me. He directed me to call Best Buy. Called (888) 229-3770, I was transferred twice, then told again, I did not have a protection plan and there was nothing they could do. I should contact the manufacturer, or go into Best Buy and pay for the repair. I asked to be connected to the Joliet store, and she refused. I then called the store, who again told me there was no Protection Plan in place. Asked to talk to Corporate, and was given the 888-237-8289 number. Called there, was transferred twice more, got put through to "Agent G", who finally believed me when I said I purchased the protection program and looked up my receipt. She said that there was something wrong with the number they had given me and it wasn't showing up in the computer. She directed me to take my computer into the store. I did, they told me it was a failed hard drive, it was the third they've seen this week in a computer less than 3 months old, and it would take 1-2 days to fix. They also told me that I would lose all of my data, because my protection program did not cover that. On 5/30/2013, I checked the status of my repair, and I was shocked to see that it hadn't even been checked in yet. I called the store, who informed me that the repair was on the hard drive, there was nothing I could have done. The hard drive failed and it would be 2-3 weeks before I could get my computer back. I explained that wasn't an option. I use this computer for work, and will be out over $50 per day in lost wages each day I did not have it. I spoke to the Manager, Jessica. I asked for a replacement or a refund. She refused. Called the Corporate number. Spoke to Agent Jessica. Explained my situation. She also refused. Spoke to her supervisor. I asked if I had brought in a product that I had dropped, and it shattered into a million pieces, if it would be replaced. She stated it would. I asked why I should lose over $900 waiting on my computer for the next 3 weeks if it could be replaced. She again refused to do anything further. I was sold a faulty product less than 3 months ago, and they are not standing behind their product or even acknowledging the lost wages this will cost me because of that faulty product. I have been treated as an inconvenience and an annoyance, hung up on, and transferred more times than I can count. Your Desired Resolution: I would like a new computer of equal or lesser value as quickly as possible. If I am unable to get a computer quickly, I would like my lost wages of $50 per day along with the new computer when they do finally fix their mistake. This case will be reviewed by a complaint specialist at the Better Business Bureau, and then forwarded to the business for their response. It is our policy to allow the business 30 working days to respond to your complaint. You will be notified when the business has responded. What would you like to do next? View the status of your complaint Return to the BBB Homepage BBB Privacy Policy
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Best Buy is not going to reimburse you for your business, that is not their problem. You may think it is because the computer they sold didn't work but that blame would go on the manufacturer. Also, the argument can also be made if you run a business that needs a working computer you probably should have a backup.


I hate it when people say "best buy does not stand behind their products". Best buy does not manufacture any products, you should be upset at whoever made the laptop that failed you.


Why should he blame someone he had no relationship with? He did not buy this from the manufacturer.

He bought this from Best Buy. They can go jump through the manufacturers hoops.

His only relationship involving this product is the company who sold it to him. That's who he should blame.


Wrong. This is why a manufacturer's warranty exists.

After the 15 day return/exchange policy at Best Buy if he did not buy a protection plan (which he didn't by his own admission) it is then the customer's responsibility to contact the manufacturer and have THEM replace the unit which is their responsibility.

That's why a manufacturer's warranty exists, to have the manufacturer not the store replace a product if it fails before the expected date. It is not called a STORE warranty, it is a manufacturer's warranty.


" I would like a new computer of equal or lesser value as quickly as possible. If I am unable to get a computer quickly, I would like my lost wages of $50 per day along with the new computer when they do finally fix their mistake."


You bought the protection plan, which if you bothered to read, says they will fix your computer, not replace it. These are the terms you agreed to and the plan you purchased.

You will have to wait for your computer to be fixed and you most certainly won't be compensated for lost wages.

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Lousy geek squad service | Best Buy review from Joliet, Illinois

Tried to find out why internet security will not work on my computer. Took it into store told nothing wrong plugged into internet security would not update or scan. Tried online support and techs would not do any scans. Geek squad selling virus removal and scans for hardware problems and not able to detect anything. Something is corrupting my internet software. I have lost more than 500.00 on internet security and computer cleaners all of which have been corrupted. Do not trust geek squad to fix your computer it is a scam. Go to an independent computer repair place they will go through your computer and find the problem. g
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Don't even know the name of the security? Probably fake program.

Either turn into a geek or be nice to one. They know more about computers than you do.

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