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I bought a Camcorder bundle (camcorder, memory card, carrying case, and tripod) on a blowout special for a birthday gift back on 8/2/13 for a party on 8/17/13. Unfortunately, I was unable to make the party so I figured I would just mail it. I found out that someone...
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CC company will deny your claim and you may end up with a legal issue against you. Companies are NOT required to return anything.

Here they have an industry standard return policy and you're still un-happy, because you're special and everyone should do what you want. After nagging them they even agreed to give an in-store credit which they had no obligation to do, but you're still not happy. Sorry princesses, but this is called life.

You made a choice and now you get to live with it.

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Best Buy Manager
My husband and I recently purchased a range, dishwasher, microwave and refrigerator from a Best Buy store for delivery to a high rise in Chicago. Unfortunately, the renovations to the property have taken longer than expected and I have had to reschedule the delivery...
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Supposed Update | Best Buy review from Downers Grove, Illinois

I left my laptop with Best Buy for what they call a scheduled update for improve the efficiency and speed. Afterwards, my laptop worked fine for all of a week, if that. Then all of a sudden I noticed my laptop could no longer stream videos as it did prior to Best Buy applying the update. I had no problems with this before and I have more problems on start up now than before to where I have to continuously restart the thing. The internet continues to load either as slow and most of the time slower than before to so-called updates. I cannot find some of my files and others have been corrupted.
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And did you contact the store about this? Because if you had and they refused to help you, I could understand your frustration.


How about that! Two Best Buy shilltwats giving typical Best Buy insults.

Of course the Geek Squat screwed it up.

Next time buy from elsewhere. Anywhere else.


So you really think they purposely "broke" your computer. Maybe it's you not knowing what your doing and not best buy sabotaging your product!


And maybe you should make better use of your time instead of stalking people on the world wide web. You obviously have deeply rooted issues.

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