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In Feb. of this year i purchased a 37" Toshiba tv, at the register i was asked if i wanted the extended warranty,2yrs $30, said sure! so a few months later when i get home from work i discovered that the tv had been hit in a corner of the screen., so i figured no problem i purchased the extra warranty, so i took the tv back to the store and had the reprint the sales receipt so that i could show that i had the extended warranty. the B/B geek squad person turns the tv on and tells me "sorry thats an impact damage that isn't covered by warranty" i inquired as to why that isn't covered; that told me that that would be a damaged policy and they only offer that on computers. so at this point i fairly mad, the clerk informed me that the repair would be as much as a new tv, and even made a store brand suggestion to which i declined. at this point the clerk asked what i wanted to do with the tv. i said do whatever with it, since the warranty would repair it and left the store. at this point i went across the street to Wal-Mart and inquired with the sales person about there tv warranty and was told 1 year man. 2 year ext. i then asked "what isnt covered", the sales person told me "Loss and Theft" and said it in a very "SURE" fashion., so i redirected by asking, so if someone hits the screen and damages it is that covered (impact), to which he said "YES" loss and theft are the only things not covered. so at this point im well .....beyond pissed, went back to B/B and asked for tv back and to see manager..... had a conversation about the warranty and how i felt the weren't honoring it the correct way and wanted the number for B/B customer complaint, i also informed them that i felt that they where just refusing to honor the warranty. after leaving there i called B/B and was on the phone with them for about 40m went thru 5 different people at least 3 of them agreed that the salesperson at the register should have made a point of telling the customer that "impact" wasn't covered!!!! 1 even went so far as to say that the info not being pointed out was a bad store issue and should be corrected. while talking to the B/B service people i brought up the scenario ...what if i had bought a $3k tv and i got dropped or hit.....short version SOL!!!!! so the last person i spoke with arranged to have the store GM and not the g/s manger call me later in the week and see if we cant resolve this issue. well, maybe i should have made sure to get a copy of the warranty info,...the claim that i would have been given one...dang i f remeber getting it; haveing small kids..well i did get the info which i dont think i did at least had been told by the cashier that "impact" wasn't i would have walked out of the store and made my purchase elsewhere!!!!! OH!!....while i was talking to the G/S people at least 2 of them outright said that the cashiers dont make a point of telling customers that the warranties,both manufacture. and extended don't cover impact!!!!!
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I, myself, have never experienced a warranty that covers damage through negligence. This does not imply that the damage was done with intent.

But a warranty usually states something akin to "replace or repair manufacture's defects for (period of time). Negligence is excluded."


and interested party, shut the *** up. no one cares what you have to say.

I'm not saying Best Buy is an amazing company. but it's not the employees fault.

most likely, they're working for a greedy company and they're too cheap and lazy to teach them to tell the customers everything. so don't blame the people that have no control over what happens with the warranties.

Alan C

FACT: Damage is not covered on TVs purchased from either BBY or Walmart.

Most "sales" pitches contain lies or just plain ignorance of facts.

By purchasing from BBY, you set yourself up for everything you got.



Best buy employees are notorious for their laziness and no training. They are told to say specific things and to ask ridiculous questions.

I have worked in retail for over 20 years. Never have I seen such *** poor customer service and just non intelligent, not trained ***. They work at best buy...a company that is going under for this specific reason. Frank bought the tv.

The girl at the counter should not try to sell something that she had no clue about . If she is going to sell best buys *** warranty then she needs to know it in and our. Also, how is frank supposed to read a little insurance packet, in line, with people about...just to see the fine print.

Customer service means not being a *** and in your case an arrogant ***. Best buy is a *** store with worthless staff.


Best Buy is garbage so why don't you shut your pie hole already.


okay Frank. would you rather me say piece of *** kids?

or maybe just *** *** Frank?

also, your idea of needing to separate every sentence from the rest is off limits. ***.


I agree, I have worked for multiple companies that sell warranties and about 90% of the time, they do not cover accidental damage. Think about it...why should the store have to pay if you are careless with your TV? This is common sense as that is the number question I have always been asked.

If you didn't ask or read the terms that HAVE to be given to you, it's your fault. This is the same at any store, not just Best Buy.

I will agree that it is wrong for a salesperson to not mention that when explaining it to you but it's not his fault either. All stores, again not just Best Buy, sell extended warranties. Sometime they are worth it but they do generate a lot of revenue for the company. The store do press the salespeople to push the warranties so the salespeople are stuck with ways to push it onto customers. Unfortunately it comes down to *** off a customer or losing your job for not selling. A real no brainer.

Like I said, the warranties are sometimes worth it. If it costs $30 for the warranty and it covers a repair that would have cost you $200, do you care how much the company is making? don't. People need to read and listen instead of thinking the warranties are a scam. The store still makes money and will be fine without you spending money on that warranty. Will you be fine when a $200 repair suddenly springs up?


Sure Read all info in store before finishing purcase :roll :x ...

Bad customer communication by sales persons is ok either...

if something as big as "impact" isnt covered by plan, then there needs to be a retrain of all cashiers and sales people to insure that such a thing is tols to customer...

also to whomever commented

need to read"Personal attacks"

"bratty kids" is an off limits comment


well.. it's kind of your fault too for not asking about or at least reading the details.

it's also not Best Buy's fault if you or your little bratty kids broke the TV. sometimes accidental damage isn't covered.

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