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Being charged for services I didn't order on a card I canceled a year ago please explain , I have call service department but the bill keeps coming with add charges, I am not paying this bill, I didn't order anything, haven't been in your store in more than a year. Tried to charge me for credit protection a year ago that I didn't order on a card that did' have anything on it, you guys are thieves praying on incent people, my next steps will be to talk to BBB and states attorney if this isn't resolved . And I am warning everyone I know about your credit services.
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Best Buy Geek Squad Experience

Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to complain about the poor service and very bad attitude as well as lack of customer service performance of the Geek Squad personnel at the Best Buy Golf Mill Store located at 9530 Greenwood, Niles, IL. Three weeks ago I had taken my computer which I had purchased at Best Buy originally to the Geek Squad for advise and was told to absolutely get it repaired because it was a top of the line computer and not buy a new one as I intended. After the lack of communication on their part on what the operating disk for the computer was and several useless trips where individuals did not know what the operating disk was, I was advised to contact HP for a operating disk copy. Unfortunately, when I contacted HP, I was told the real truth that the computer was obsolete and that an operating disk was not available contrary to the Geek Squad guy (as indicated earlier) who originally took my order and said I should absolutely not buy a new computer and that my computer was top of the line. Unfortunately, this individual's remarks resulted in my repairing rather than buying a computer and reminded me of going to the service area at your local gas station in the old days and being ripped up for service costs rather than being at the reputable Best Buy Store that I was accustomed to in the past. As a result of this misleading information, I spent over $500 on repairs and software which I did not ultimately desire had I know that the computer was obsolete and would have bought a new computer with those funds. To make things worst, the Geek Squad guys configured my memory wrong where I now had 250 gigs rather than 500 gigs as well as not updating the computer with the printer disk and back-up disk. When, I took my computer back this Friday to get this corrected and load my printer disk and back-up disk (which the Geek Squad guys had also conveniently forgot to do despite me asking them to do originally as indicated), it was discovered that the mother board had gone bad and that I would have to spend another $300 to fix. Please note that the computer was working fine and powering up before I brought it to the store ironically enough. Needless to say, I have decided to throw out the computer and take the loss of $500 spent originally. When I asked Dan, the last kid (and I mean kid) who helped me at the store if he could give me a credit for past services considering my experience and loyalty to Best Buy, he coldly said he could not help me . Dan seemed like a cold fish with not even an apology for the lack of poor service and advise. Ultimately, I will never use your service again nor shop at Best Buy in the future due to this experience despite the fact that I have been a loyal customer of your store for the past 20 years spending probably over $50,000 plus as evidenced by my Best Buy Silver Premium Card and wife Selma's Best Buy Card. Best Dzafer Kulenovic
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It's obvious you don't have clue about computers. You computer doesn't have 250G or 500G of memory , your hard drive probably has 250 or 500G of space.

Before you judge make sure you know what your are talking about. Not to say Geek Squad knows what they are doing either.

As Robert said go to real Computer Tech and stop your ***! :x


You go to geek squad for help because you obviously don't know about computers so what makes you think you fully understand what a manufacturer is telling you. Also, there's thousands of other customers who spend more than you, at every store. Losing one (you) comes at no loss.


What did you really expect with a name like "Geek Squad"? Go to a real Computer Technician and get real, quality service.

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