The worst customer service experience I ever have | Best Buy review from Aurora, Illinois

I always like shopping at Best buy, but I am changing my mind after tonight's experience. I bought a new macbook air with my student coupon in YorkShire Plaza, Aurora on June 21, 2014. I was happy because I got a new computer. After I bought the Macbook Air. I found out a lot of people in the said the Best Buy can also take a another USPS movers 10% off coupon with this deal. The fact is there are people left comments said they did buy the macs with two coupons without any problem. I went back to the Best Buy at night to check is that ok to redeem my 10% off coupon. The lady in the customer service changed her face quickly after saw I already got a discount in my receipt. She said they can only took one coupon and I can do anything for you because that is a double dip. I said other customers can get both and why I can't. So I said I get you if it's ok to type it on your system to see how it shows, if your system shows it is not allowed then I will leave. I tried to ask her can she please just give a try many times. She keep refusing me and told me it will let her break the policy. She was talking the loudest and with really strong voice to me. I asked why there are differences between stores. She said, because the other stores may did wrong and broke the policies so she won't try it for me. Later, another lady came out said the same things and she also it is not fair to her if I am asking her to try the coupon code, because it means I am letting her to break the policies. What does the lady's words mean? So she means I am the bad customer to force your people to try the wrong thing? I don't understand why the customer services in this store think they are right with a impatient attitude to a customer, and said the other Best buy stores and customers in nations who got the deal were all wrong. I don't know what is BestBuy's policies in the ladies' minds and I am Not a Best Buy staff why I have to obey. Are all best buy check out policies different? Why I can't get what others can get? I don't know why I had terrible Customer Service even-though I spent my money in this store?!
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Very few if any retail stores will allow you to combine promotions/coupons. It says this most often in the coupon itself.

If another store screwed up in your favor consider yourself lucky, but you are not entitled to profit from a mistake even if it does work.

So if the lady had entered the promo code and it worked, you would have gotten a further discount you technically weren't entitled to. And yes, you are a bad customer for trying to force someone to do the wrong thing, that's called stealing.

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Phillipines Calls Center is staffed with idiots | Best Buy review from Aurora, Illinois

Best Buy is yet another American corporation that has learned how to outsource their customer service to the Phillipines to frustrate their customers to the point of disgust that they will give up and not dispute anything with them. This way Best Buy wins. When you ask for a manager at the call center, they put you on hold for 20 mintues and disconnect call. They did it to me 3 times in the same day! When you call the regular 888-BEST-BUY phone number the customer service reps don't even care about the experience you had in the Phillipines call center and just transfer you back. How can a company like this have it's stock price soar 200% in a single year and treat customers this way? Something aint right here.......
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Hello.... this is... Peggy!

Outsource to the Philippines!!! Hellooooooo!

BB, like many other companies, have been outsourcing to various other countries for years. Wherever it's cheapest. Good for the company... bad for consumers.

Vote with your dollor... with any company.

Note: HP has been outsourcing it's general consumer helpdesk overseas for years. However, it's business helpdesk is local in the US!!! Even they know it's a bad idea. It also shows they don't put much value in regular consumers.

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Head phone | Best Buy review from Aurora, Illinois

Bought the head phone from best buy 10/10/2012 pay $430.00 when we came home open the box it was different head phone than we went to best buy the next day they said they could not do anything you have to go the manufacture company ok we call them they said we give a credit if same thing purchase over the online best buy have to give your credit we went back I had argue with manger still saying there is nothing we can do.We are going back and forth.How do get my money back.
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go to a different best buy they should exchange within 30 days no questions asked

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