I had a dishwasher installed by Best Buy in May of 2007. The first flood to my kitchen occured in June - - fortunately I came home fairly early in the leak and was able to shut the water off. The same service man came out and "fixed" the problem the next day....
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I feel so sorry for her. My friend has been trying to get the fridge fixed from them.

They don't return phone calls. I didn't realize till I had a problem with them how many people had soooo many problems with their products. I bought a video camera... I will never do it again.

Just remember we get what we pay for.... cheap stuff from China

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Irrational restocking fee | Best Buy review from Chicago, Illinois

I was charged a restocking fee for returning a camera to Best Buy even though I had purchased a more expensive camera a few days after I had purchased the first camera. I did not have the first camera with me at the time of the more expensive camera purchase. I had all receipts to prove the events but no one cared. I also wrote the company a detailed email explaining my dissappointment with this type of policy. No response has ever been received. My last purchase (a $1600 laptop computer) was from another source because of $15 of not caring.
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yea you'd think that, but when i bought a brand new laptop from best buy and went back there to purchase a more expensive one that happened to be on sale, they charged me a *** 15% restocking fee even after i told them i just wanted to buy a better one and make them more money. The people were extremely rude, and the worker who sold me the first laptop even told me there wouldnt be a restocking fee and that they had recently done away with it for laptops but the manager didnt seem to care.


If you had purchased a new camera at the time you brought back the old one you would not have paid a restocking fee....


or read the back of the receipt, that helps too


if you intended on getting a more expensive one and returning the other simply do both transactions at the same time, a manager is mroe likely to waive the fee if they dont already have your money for the new camera.

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TV Bulb replacment - OEM or not? | Best Buy review from Chicago, Illinois

I recently bought a replacement bulb for my JVC 52" rear projection. I had an option of saving $35 for buying non-OEM Phillips, which I stupidly took. I didn't realize it but the bulb was so dim and failing prior to the 90 warranty, but it wasn't until an authorized repairman diagnosed as a failed bulb. I contacted Lighting Technologies, Intl, the distributor, and they refused to even consider a return or exchange because I am now outiside the 90 day return window. Buy OEM and don't deal with LT Int'l. They suck. Go CUBS.
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