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in 2009 I purchased an HP laptop computer for my home business. I wanted the complete coverage so that I would not be without my computer. This coverage included hardware, software, remote support, in home service and if needed in store which would put me ahead of all other repiars.

The first year the service was very good but then after that it kept going down hill.

Nobody knows what is going on. Every person kept telling me something different about my plan. Some told me that this plan expires April 2011 and others April 2012.

In the last 6 months I have had the DVD player, power supply, battery replaced under warranty.

2 weeks ago I had a problem of it shutting down and not wanting to restart and it was dangerously hot to the touch. I called support and was told it sounded like the mother board and I should take it down to the store. Next day I did that and worked with agent Jesus. He says the paper trail shows that warranty expired 2011 and I reinterated about the recent service and call that said it was in warranty. Told him to call toll free number. He did and they researched it and said that since they had honored all my replacements and had been told I was still under warranty that they would take care of it this time but needed authorization. Jesus said that it would take about 48 hours to obtain. I told him call me when you get it and I will bring computer back at that time.

Waited 9 days and no call. In mean time my friend found the problem with shutting down and it was remedied. But there was still a few more problems and he said it could be the firmware. So again I made the dreaded call. Talked with agent Kimequa who told me since it was still in warranty he could order an in home service call as there would be no charge since I have this service. This was on April 27th and he scheduled this for the 30th between 8am and noon. ALso said I still have the free virus removal and suggested that I use it now.

Dropped it off at store on 4/28 hoping to pick it up the next day with these instructions. Figuring that it would be ready the next day I left it.

Then on 4/29 I noticed that on the email confirmation for the service call they had the wrong address so I call to correct this.

I called store 4/29 and it was not ready and not sure if it would be by end of day. I called the toll free number and was told the appointment had been changed to 5/1 between 8am and noon. I was not the one who changed it and they had no idea how this happened.

4/30 computer is still not done. Say there was a lineup for repairs, etc. I tried to explain that I paid extra for service to go ahead of all others. They didnt know what I was talking about. I told them once again that I was having in home service the following morning and asked when they open so I could pick it up. They do not open until 10 am.

I again call toll free number to reschedule for 12 to 4pm.

5/1 Call store at 10:40 am and told it is not finished. Will have manager call me back. Stephanie calls me but I am unable to explain to her as I have someone at my front door and tell her to call me back in 10 min. She never calls back so after 30 minutes I call the toll free number. I finally get transferred to Kristin (866-650-7110 ext 60116) and find out that someone again cancelled my appointment for today. I have feeling that Stephanie did this as when I talked to her briefly I mentioned the in home service call and she told me there is no in home service for laptops. (DUH, I purchased it as an extra)

Kristin gets Stephanie on the line and Stephanie tells both of us that it shoudl be done 2:30 to 3 pm. I tell Kristin then to schedule the in home service for Thur. SHe tells me she can't do that since my warranty expired 2 days ago. I explained that I reported these problems on 4/.27 while still in warranty and it is not my fault that people kept changing the dates and kept cancelling. She tells me I have 30 days for store guarantee and it it is still having same problem I should take it back to the store. She offers me a $50 gift card for my "Inconvenience". I also, out of curiosity, ask her what 1 more year of warranty will cost. She says she will check but it will be for hardware only. I had asked this question while still in warranty but nobody had ever given me a quote. When Kristin calls me back she tells me it is not available since my warranty expired 2 days ago. I can't believe what I am hearing.

I call store later that day ands it still not ready. Wait until 8pm and call again. NOT READY. I tell them I am coming down to pick it up as I need to get my doctor appointment info for next day that is on computer. They tell me they will not release the computer to me since it is not finished. I try to tell them I will return it next day so that they can finish. They refuse. I go down to store where they are able to pull this information up for me.

5/2 Call store around noon and they tell me it should be ready very soon and will call me t 1:30. They call and leave me message that they will call me back in an hour. Waiited for call which never came. So I again call and they tell me it should not be too much longer and to call them back around 5 pm. I don't get to call them at that time but I call about 6:10 pm and am told it will be ready in 10 min. HOORAY!!!!!

I get it home and they have disabled some of my programs, changed my internet browser. Am having problems accessing some of the websites which I never did before. Looks like it is back to Geek Squad again!!!!

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I hate to say this but ever since 2009 best buy customer service and geek squad services have gone down hill and fast I use to work there from 2007 to 2011 and i can tell you that they have pulled a lot of the good to great people that would bend over backwards for the customer and had the knowledge to actually help like myself and others I know out of the stores or have made it so much to the point that we just frankly can't care about the customer. This is not saying that I hated working there because for the most part I did enjoy what I did but the direction the company had and has taken can not be condoned and it does need to change so customers like yourself get the service and care that you deserve like it use to be in the stores.

P.s. I am not by anyways shape or form stating that all stores are this bad but I will say that more than anyone really knows are this bad.


sounds like a big mess. I agree with you in saying they sound like a bunch of *** usually *** post complaints on this site but yours if beyond valid. I hope it all works out though.

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