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I I bought a Lenovo idea pad at Best Buy. Brought it home and started it up.

A window popped up with a warning about a Trojan virus? It prompted me to call a number immediately. So I did not knowing it was a scam. I spent 2 hours on the phone talking to what I thought was support.

No it was a scam. Ok so Best Buy sold me a computer with a virus on it, seriously, When I went to return it they refunded me but as far as the 100$ charge for talking to the scammer was not their problem. So I am 100$ dollars out with no computer. The kid who sold it to me said take it home and start it up!

Really I wish it was that simple. So disappointed I will never shop there again and you can be sure I will spread the word. I'm a teacher in the Londonderry school district who is well respected.

Sorry Best Buy word of mouth travels fast. Sincerely, Leslie Moore

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenovo Laptop.

Reason of review: Computers sold with viruses on them.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Best Buy Cons: Wasteing my time.

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Lol hello I'm an Indian prince and have all this extra money.

Please send me $30,000 for taxes and I'll send you a million dollars.

definitely not best buys fault you don't know how to use the internet. Please don't teach my children anything.


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I had a problem with Best Buy. I bought a laptop and declined extra warranty protection.

On the 90th day, it crashed. I took it to Best Buy and they said there was nothing they could do.... per the "Geek Squad".

I called Hewlett-Packard and they got remote access and fixed everything...but Best Buy failed totally. I too, will not buy from them.

@mike D

If I were in your shoes... just got home with my brand new computer, started it up and received a popup warning about a Trojan virus, I would have shut the computer down, packed it back up, and returned it to Best Buy.

This is what you "should have" done.

Why on earth would you authorize a $100 charge to fix a brand new computer that came infected right out of the box? Ouch.

You learned a painful lesson, but this was not Best Buy's fault. You need to wise up before you are swept up in other confidence games. Never, ever, ever respond to those alarming popups (or similar phone calls claiming that your computer is sending signals to their server) by giving out your credit card information.

The only thing those people will ever "fix" is your attachment to your money. If all you lose from this experience is $100, consider yourself lucky.

You should be shopping for identity theft protection at this point.

There is no need to resort to false claims of being a well-respected school teacher - because your writing style pretty much gives that away as untrue.

Kudos to Best Buy for refunding your money!


Sorry... my comment was directed to original poster.



You got scammed and you are blaming Best Buy? Are you an ignorant self-entitled person?

Those scams can happen to anyone at anytime, it was unfortunate that it happened to you so soon after purchasing a new computer, but the fact that you gave money to some other entity other than Best Buy does not make it their problem.

You can take steps to make sure you are not charged that $100 by contacting your bank.

You are what is wrong with consumers today.

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