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I said I didnt have the money on me so I had to go to an ATM to get the money but there truck was blocking the driveway and I didnt want to make a big deal about it so I ran over to the nearest corner store and withdrew $100 while on the way back I decided to google the price for the hose which is 10.29 and it was about $29 on your website so when I arrived to the house I asked again how much it would be for the extra labor he said again $100 I then asked how much a hose normally cost he said $70 and labor $30 I told him I was aware he was dishonest and I walked away before I said anything I might regret as I was he said dont worry about this its on us for free and I left them to complete the job as I cooled off .

About 15 min later one of the men walked right by me without saying a word then the other man tried to do the same and I asked is everything working he assured me it was and hurried out the door so I ran downstairs to see if the dryer worked which it did it was until 11:47 pm my mother alerted me to the flood coming from the the washing machine now and it stopped working !!! Before hand there was nothing wrong with it at all or I would have gotten a set now my basements flooded clothes ruined carpets drenched as mold and mildew will occur on everything being wet from a flood that Im more then positive that your employees caused

User's recommendation: Go to Amazon.

Location: Lynbrook, New York

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Maybe next time don't be such an entitled pig. You Google a price on a website that probably had 0 overhead and that's why it was so cheap.

Just think if you did your research and ordered it yourself your result might not have happened. You are a coward for making a comment like that.

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