Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

From the very beginning, they sold me incorrect or less appropriate components for my home theater system. They scheduled the consultant to come out 2 days before the install!

At which point, the consultant found too many issues that needed addressing - he missed a few and told me to buy extra things that didn't work. The installers were baffled/called in reinforcements. And the 5 guys from Geek Squad couldn't come to a resolution. So, in utter exhaustion and frustration I decided to return everything and start over.

When I got to the store, they wouldn't refund me the consultation fee. They would give me a gift certificate but, for my troubles I thought that they should "bring me to even". Now, I have to shop again at that store and risk more frustration.


The store sucks!!

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I have never trusted Best But for Eloctronics. Especially Higher end electronics


The consultation is just that. Review of what you have and should have.

After that has been done, you aren't owed anything.

It's service. You could research on your own and save you're self the money.

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