Boyertown, Pennsylvania
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NOW Best Buy has screwed me over! first every other store in the area and now Best Buy.

I was trying to have a good day. I went to McDonalds this morning and they told me that not only can they not serve my *** a 10 pound burger but it was too early to make burgers. so I had to stick with buying 10 egg mcmuffins and 25 hash browns. I got a medium coffee though because I need to watch my figure.

lunch was good until Burger King told me that they wouldn't change the name to Lea's Burger Place and I told them that if they do that, I get a free meal every hour. they rejected me again. but instead of leaving right away, I decided to finish my 10 patty whopper and a trash can full of fries before leaving. then I went to Applebee's for dinner.

I can't believe the hostess wouldn't take my order as soon as I walked in. then when I told them my "husband" works at Walmart home office, they told me that he has no control here. what losers! anyway, they took about 3 minutes for my drink, 10 minutes for my 10 appetizers and 20 minutes for my 2 for $20 meal!

they said since I ordered 3 of those meals, that's why it took longer. excuses. I decided to leave no tip, I peed on the bathroom floor as a nice little tip for them. just like I did at Outback Steakhouse.

NOW here comes the worst part of my day, Best Buy.

I decided to walk off some calories while eating a sub from Subway while I walked around. which by the way, Subway had a long line and they wouldn't allow me to go to the front of the line even though I had a Subway Rewards card. according to Subway, it's just a free card. so I walked into Best Buy and they have the nerve to ask if I need help!

it's like they think I'm going in to steal so they have to keep an eye on me. I go over to the laptops and some nerd offers me help. I slapped him and told him that I was already asked up front if I needed assistance. he started to bleed because I haven't cut my fingernails since I decided to grow them out.

I handed him a tissue and demanded that he clean his face off because he wasn't looking too professional. he took too long with the tissue even though I told him that I needed help with the laptops now after realizing that I know nothing about computers. while he explained some geeky stuff about the computers, something about hard drive space and something about wifi and who cares, he slipped on a piece of salami that fell out of my second hoagie that was in my purse. he had the nerve to step on it!

he said he felt like he hurt something so he had the nerve to call over another associate to help me. the associate was with another customer and took 2 minutes to get to me. when the new associate came over, I simply told him that I was done with Best Buy. their service was unacceptable.

I demanded that if they want me to stay, then they have to give me a better deal on a laptop. maybe half off at the least. the manager came over to tell me to leave and that the police were already on their way. then he tells me that it's not a pawn shop!

I was like I know that! but my "husband" works for the home office janitor... I mean home office lead position and that he'll be hearing from me and that his job allows me to make my own prices. so I left in disgust.

I don't know which store to go to now, they all have terrible service. I guess I'll just have to try that joke of a store, Walmart, again.

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Precious, you're not hungry enough to pursue a career in writing. Go back to school and learn how to be hungry and then come back here and write me something to be proud of.


I wanted to tell you that this was the best review on here, but sadly it is exactly like everything else I have read today!


I skipped your baby story to just comment. Pretty much you're an extremely fat overweight kid in a fat adult body expecting to be the first one to be served, expecting your food to be sent out in less than a minute, and because you think Best Buy employees think you're stealing...

I can get that... Because your over 500 pounds eating 500 burgers a day, and threatening you have a husband who can take you down.

No one will believe you have a husband because of your weight. A dude will have to be completely retarded to even date you.


I sit and read this and go this has to be a joke on how *** some peoples complaints are. I so hope it is, cause if so it made my day brighter. If not then then well, I don't have words.


wow.. we don't really see MrsLea anymore but this is a reminder of how crazy she is.


Wow you are the most idiotic and fattest person on earth! Maybe they thought you would eat everything in their store!

Have you ever heard of customer service? That's what they're suppose to do is ask you if you need help, if they didn't you would b@tch about it!! 20 burgers??

*** there are starving people out there, why don't you feed them! You're ridiculous and an embarrassment to humankind!


Twisted...but, funny as he11! :grin


Awww...poor Lea :cry . She must have been so busy not working, cleaning, or cooking for her husband.

"Lay off man I'm starving"