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I bought a computer 3 weeks ago, and it is full of problems. I took it into the store today, and asked what they could do to fix the problems.

They said they could sell me a $200.00 tech support program. Other than that they weren't willing to do anything.

The manager and team were extremely cold and rude. They said I was one week to later for a return, and basically after only owning it for 3 weeks it would cost me $200.00 , to get it repaired. I told them I wouldn't be buying anymore products from them again, the manager said he gets threats all day long.

Wow!, what an attitude and what does that say about Best Buy. This took place at the Grand Junction store in Colorado.

The manager's name was Shawn Cheever. He has cost Bet Buy some future sales for sure.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Sales Manager.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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I'm stunned by the number of Best Buy employees that don't give a *** about customer service before, during and after the sale. Once retail employees view their customers as the enemy the game is more than likely over for that company.

I'm stunned by the number of younger employees that look at customers as the enemy, have attitude etc. It seems like they only want the spenders. If you are not buying the 3000 dollar big screen of the 1500 dollar gamer computer they don't want to deal with you. That is very poor management and training.

If a customer wants the cheap stuff, won't buy accessories or the warranty so be it. No matter how small that sale EVERYONE is important as are the customers that come in after the sale.

I don't know wether Best Buy employees get commission but it seems like they have no incentive for good customer service or training/learning.


I am sure the Manager gets all excited when he gets to argue and debate a customer look at it as a very expensive lesson. Have you seen the post about how WONDERFUL the tech support!! the consumerist has some really great articles about how wonderful the tech support is.


You need to send this to their corporate headquarters, don't let it end like this!!


Hello sir or ma'am I'm Sorry to hear about your frustrating experience with that company. I do have a question just so I can understand, I bought a laptop from Best Buy 6 days ago and the sales lady I spoke with advised me to get their plan or warranty or whatever it was but because I've always been told not to get warranties because they were a rip off I decided not to plus I didn't have the extra money.

My question is if they tried to sell you something to protect you if something did happen and you made the decision not to buy it for whatever reason it may have been why do they still get blamed when they offered and advised but you declined and chose not to take their advice? I don't think it's fair to the reputation of those sales people or the company when customers don't take responsibility for their actions. My sister use to work there and she told me all the time customers would never listen to her or even give her a chance to explain their plans and why we should get them but before they were ever approached or even when they decided they were going to get their computer or whatever they got they'd already made up in their minds they weren't buying it and Best Buy only wanted to get more money from them. I just think people should look at the facts as the facts.

Best Buy do not manufacture those products they are only a place to buy it and get advice on what's needed and provide services for those who need it and pay for it. Even though you only had it for 3 weeks you couldn't return it bc of the return rules. One thing she told me was don't automatically shoot them down bc it's a reason those plans exists.

If manufactures warranties took care of everything there would be no need for extended warranties and you can't supply without a demand. Just think about it bc my sister is an honest person and it's not right to be upset with them and give them a bad rep when you made the choice.

@curiuz alli

No they did not. And your right usually, I believe that plans and extended warranties are offered with electronics, but in this case they dropped the ball, possibly because they were busy it was a weekend.

The only thing discussed briefly was I asked if a virus protection was on the computer, and they said yes it came with a free trial, I forget the length of time, but they did not tell me I had to activate it. I admit I am not a tech. person. I bought many products from this store.

All of my appliances, my last T.V. and my last computer, which came with its own virus protection, Also bought my camera, and printer. I would consider myself a customer worth paying attention to, but they were cold and rude to me. First time I have a problem they blow me off treat me like I am the problem.

I didn't not ask for my money make just for them to straighten out the problems. Had I had it for over a month I would have not even asked, but the problems started in the first 2 weeks, It was into the third week before I could get the time to go back, and ask for help.

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