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On christmas eve, I read about this deal that best buy was giving on a Sony 40" LCD + Song BluRay Player + Sony 5.1 Surround Sound System for an amazing price of almost $1,300! I wanted to buy it right away so I called and the stores were closed so I call the 24 hour service and the systems were down so I had to wait until the 8AM on the 26th when the store who has the package deal opens. Well what I did was actually leave my place at 7:45AM Saturday morning and got out to this best buy and right away found the package and yes it was their last one. The full package was their last one because they had only one box of the theater system left but there were still tv's and bluray players. It was an amazing feeling at the store to get this deal that not many other stores even had because of one part of the package already sold out. I noticed that the sound system box had some damage on it and the sales associated made a joke about how these packages are treated when they are being shipped but that this units are packed up really well. We paid for the units and even set up that best buy rewards program and we got a free $10 gift card since our total came up to almost $1800 which we also put on our Best Buy Credit Card to take advantage of their 0% special financing.

We took the packages home and surprised our parents very much so and I slowly went into the process of setting up the surround sound system with all the wirings and speaker set ups on the walls. It takes a bit of time for all the measuring and hiding of those monster cables that I also had bought ( I really don't like the cables what come with the speakers, too tiny and cheap looking with no shielding of any kind). Now if someone takes as much time and dedication in setting up their surround sound as I do, they understand the amount of time it takes to make sure the speakers are at the right height/distance/volume before anything else.

After dinner I was finally ready for the LCD TV. We took it out of the book and put it on it's stand very carefull and I screwed in the screws to hold the stand in place. I put the tv in my mother's amoir and plugged it all up. My family was very excited to see how everything looks because this LCD is not only 1080p but also has 240Hz which makes the picture just outstanding to see.

Well guess what... we turned it on and saw a HUGE crack looking colors everywhere sort of thing and right away turned it off and inspected the tv. There were NO marks on the screen of the tv except for a little scratch near the middle towards the top of the tv. When turn it back on and there it was... a HUGE crack on the inside with NO marks on the outside. Right away I called Best Buy and spoke to a lady and she told me to bring it back in. It was 9:30pm and at this time I was very tired and I told her that if I am coming back in now that I want another tv (same one) or something extremely similar, nothing less. My brother helped me pack up the tv in it's box (showed no damage on the box at all) and we right away put the tv into the car and left for best buy. We literally got there at 9:58 and I parked the car outside. Went inside and I told another girl that I was here for my problem with the tv. She knew the story so she went to check with a salesperson on another tv that was similar because she said that they don't have anymore units of that model. While waiting we decided to just walk around and look at the tvs on display to see if I can find the one that we bought. Eventually I did and saw a box sitting there all by itself. Right away I went to find the girl and I asked her about this box and the salesperson with her came and looked and said that yes that is our tv. NOW at this point after what had happened I asked the salesperson if he could plug in the tv just so that we can check to make sure that there is nothing wrong with it. After he opened the box and removed the tv out of the box, he was about to plug it in and turn it on when this other man walked up to me. He asked me what had happened to the original tv and I had explained to him my whole day. He flat out told me that he is not returning the tv. I had asked him why and he said that there is no damage on the box. I told him that of course there is no damage on the box and that there is NO damage on the tv except for a small scratch which is not close to the location of the huge crack. This was apparently the sales manager which I found out later on when I asked him who he was because I wanted to talk to someone higher than he is and that was the general manage who was not in. He continued to tell me that he will not exchange the broken tv the store sold to me and that we are not getting our money back either. I kept asking him that this does not make any sense that why is this happening to us. At this point it was approaching 10:30 and the sales manager gave me one option of leaving the store with my broken tv or he will call the local police. I told him to call the police because I am not afraid at all, I was not there to cause any problems and that store was the one who sold me a broken tv. He did call the police on us and I had called my older brother who was listening in on the whole conversation over my cell phone and he had told me to leave and to see if corporate will be willing to help since this sales manager was being completely rude and inconsiderate towards customers who don't spend a couple of dollars at the store but nearly $1,800. So they wrapped up our broken tv and brought it outside which at that time the police had shown up as we got to my car (which was parked right outside the doors of the store). The sales manager told the police officer that there is no problem anymore that we were leaving. At that moment my brother made a comment to the officer asking what is the law regarding a store selling a broken tv? He didn't hear him correctly so he walked up to us and asked what was it he had said so I explained to him very briefly what our situation was. I explained that we were not there to cause a problem but that this manager was being very rude to us and being completely inconsiderate to how upset we were for spending this much money for a gift for my parents and how upset we were that our first LCD tv was broken. The office told me that he has had problems which this store too and that he had stopped shopping there all together. He felt really terrible about what my brother and I just went through there but that when a manager says to leave the store that we really have to leave the store.

We got into our car and we drove home very shocked and upset that out of all places this happened at was Best Buy... we got home at nearly 11pm and explained what happened to our parents who then were in shock as well.

I really don't know what to do at this point, I am going to call corporate but I don't know how should I even go about getting this issue solved. I have never felt this cheated before in my left and it really hurts that our present to our parents was broken and I never even thought about check it at the store before buying it. My emotions got the best of me but now I know that if I am to ever buy something from a store to make sure that product works properly. Yes I did actually go and check out the BluRay player and surround sound system to make sure that they worked.

So now it is nearly 2AM and I have this broken 40" LCD TV in my garage and not sure what course should we take now. I know that we didn't pay almost $1800 for just a bluray player and a surround sound system by Sony.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Williamsburg VA Best Buy,

Same thing happen to me yesterday. I called the police and was told to take it to court.

something needs to be done about Best Buy. I've been a loyal customer in the past two months I know I've spent over $3000. I got my iwatch, Harmon Kardon head set, sound bar, another tv, etc... The sales clerk in that store know me.

I can't believe it!

I tried to call head quarters they said the manager in the location has to handle the situation. I'm in the military and don't have the time but I'm going to make the time to go to court $1542 is a lot of money to just let BB have.



Sirrus preaches again.Custome fault and oh well, your problem again.Wrong answer..Please Best Buy get this fool off of here.Hes killing you..customer if this store is too *** to fix this problem. an interest card carrying customer they will probably have for life.Cmon no brainer ..

fix this problem.Maybe you could find away to fix alot of these idiotic problems.. bad customer service and let the customers post how they were resolved actuallyhelped..You honestly need to shut Sirrus up.


Worst Place - I am sorry for your experience, in my store I am VERY high on making sure people are taken care of. Our Black Tie Protection covers so many things that no other warranty or plans covers. If you read the literature about how to go about using the warranty when something breaks, it goes pretty smoothly. Most people think they can walk into the store, throw it on the counter and walk out with a new one. That's not true anywhere...except maybe a refurbished store.

Spot on Daniel, regardless where I'm shopping, I'd open a $1,000 TV to make sure it's right.

Kat - NOT true on most items. The only items I am aware of that our Black Tie covers AFTER manufacturer is on the sealed components of a refrigerator. The plans all run congruent with the manufacturer's warranty, which is why the SERVICE plan is unlimited replacement in the FIRST year and unlimited SERVICE in the additional years. I hope a fellow employee is not making us look bad by telling you such info.

Syed - That manager seems a bit out of line to me. You must grant that he does not know if the TV was broken in the box beforehand or in your home. He has reason to be suspicious, some people do in fact deliberately break items and attempt to return them for new ones. He should have handled the situation differently however. The geek squad agent should have plugged in your TV to see the problem, that's standard procedure. Then they determine if it's a pressure crack, etc. I'm not sure about this model TV, but working at customer service, there was a period of time, many TV's had the same issue. Small scratch in center of screen, but plug it in and whole screen is cracked. To this date, I don't think anyone knows what causes/caused it. As a manager, he should have been more helpful to you. But if you came in hostile, expect to have that returned, not because it's policy, just because it's human nature. He was probably worried about his budget for the day and how much that TV would hurt him by sending it back to manufacturer. Attempt return at a different store, if no success, call 1-888-BEST-BUY and report the problem, if they blow you off...I dunno...better business bureau? Check TV next time before you leave! :cry


call 311 I had the same problem 311 helped I got the another tv for free


I think Kat is mistaken- I checked with Best Buy and their plan DOES cover anything NOT covered by the manufacturer during the first year and then, anything covered by the plan after that. I have several of the Best Buy plans covering both appliances and some electronics and got worried there for a second so I called my local store to check.

Have only had to use the plan on one item- TV- and so far-so good.

Quick ,professional repair (actually, they let me pick out a replacement TV). No problems...


Understand this, Best Buys warranty does not take effect until AFTER the manufacturers warranty ends...though mostly they won't tell you that. I shop at hhgregg now.


I had almost the EXACT thing happen to me, but, unlike you- I didn't wait until THE LAST POSSIBLE MINUTE to try to remedy the problem! My Best Buy (Lynnwood, WA) had a TV waiting to exchange (after I called and explained the situation) when I arrived at the store (during regular business hours) and offered a sincere apology for the problem.

I know it's not Best Buy's fault that the TV was damaged, it happens- but they made dang sure I was happy when I left the store. I think your attitude had a lot to do with your result!

(Really, do you think it is even POSSIBLE for a store to check EVERY item to make sure it works? That's not even realistic)

@Daniel T.

Yet there the ones selling the TV and won't even refund the guy.


And, you're posting this a second time because...?


Pay attention to Ole' Best Buy the Worst Place and stay out of best buy and don't even consider the extended warranty unless you are one of those that enjoys stress.


I'm pretty sure that their store warranty covers you for some short period of time. If there is another store within a reasonable distance try to take it back there and still call corporate to complain about your treatment.

But...it seems to be a culture for that store. I HATE Best Buy for reasons just like this and their extended warranty that is nothing more than an extended version of this kind of ***. I had a problem with a camera and by the time they finally refunded my $$ I had already bought a new camera and had been using it for over a year. They tried to give me a new camera which I obviously didn't need so all they would do was give me a store credit.

So, I bought $300+ of CDs because I knew I'd never have to bring them back. Now a days I only go in there to get educated, if I need to, and then I buy it somewhere else...anywhere else.

I wanted to cry when Circuit City went out of business.

@Ole' Best Buy the Worst Place

July 11 2016....My husband went to BB and purchased a 55 inch Samsung curved smart tv to surprise me. When he got the tv home and set it up and turned it on he noticed that it had a large crack in the screen.

He immediately took it back within 3 hours he took back to the store in Bronx new york. The manager said that they refused to exchange or refund our money because he "supposedly heard my husband say that he dropped the tv" who in their right mind would say that dropped the tv??? The bottom line is that we went back and forth with the very unprofessional and sarcastic so called manager for minutes and he refused to exchange or refund our money and dismissed me...he told me i had to go through Samsung now...we spent $1056.

I called samsung and was on hold for several minutes...i finally spoke with a cs rep and explained the situation and they assured me that they would rectify the situation free of charge.

I was relieved. Within 48 hours i finally received a call from the "authorized Samsung dealer" and was informed that this,would be a very expensive repair. $500 for the part (screen) and $210 for labor and i am responsible for it??????? WTF...I told him that i was told that it was free..he advused me that i was lied to.

I am so upset with the entire situation...i am now seeking legal action. I will not be walked on and treated unfairly due to BB stealing my money. I have bought several items from BB And i will no longer patronize this store again. My husbands mistake is that he paid cash for the tv instead of using his credit card.

If it was in a credit card we would dispute the charge and get our money back. I hate bb and the so called manager kirk...he needs to get training and professional help!!!!!

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