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I purchased several items from Best Buy and every electronic purchase I have made, I have either had to bring back more than once or have had to spend an additional amount on a replacement. I first purchased a Qosmio laptop along with a cooling fan for a class I was taking in school that required a personal computer.

Within the first week of owning this laptop the computer fans overheated and the computer had a blue screen. I brought the computer in and they sent it out, only to be returned with a claim that nothing was wrong with the laptop. After 2 weeks of owning this laptop the computer started making loud, screeching sounds and became so hot the display would shut off. I tried to remove the cooling fan from the usb and found it was melted inside of the usb port in the laptop.

Once I was able to pull it out I took the laptop to Best Buy and they refused to replace or send it out for repairs. They also tried to claim my warranty had ran out when I had 1 year left on the laptop as well a warranty through Toshiba. I called Best buy twice a day over the course of 3 weeks and they went back and forth with the warranty date, claiming I had a week left to bring the laptop in for repair. I brought the laptop back in and they told me the warranty was no longer active.

I had to personally call Toshiba to get the laptop examined and repaired. They sent back a letter claiming the laptop's graphics card had overheated and that someone who may had owned the computer before me played Halo 3 and clocked the settings on the laptop on high, which was the reason the laptop was overheating. I tried to return or get a replacement and they refused to replace the laptop after it had been in repair more than 5 times (they told me before purchasing a computer that after 3 repairs it would be replaced.) I cut my loss and was out $1600 on a laptop. A few years pass and I purchased several items, a Canon camera twice that I had to return that ended up not charging and an external hard drive.

When I tried to return the external hard drive less than 15 days of owning, they claimed they could not do a refund and that they would have to give me Best buy store credit. They cornered me into $70 trapped on a card that HAD to be used in their store.

I..was..FURIOUS! I will never purchase another electronic device or any product for that matter at Best Buy ever again!

Monetary Loss: $2600.

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I saved the usb fan that had melted, I brought the laptop in while it was screeching with a black screen. The Geek Squad members smirked and did nothing to help other than turn me away carrying out an 18" hot, heavy laptop.

Call it ***, but that's comparing to a folder with nothing but pages of paper work and files from this laptop. That doesn't change the fact that I am out $2600.


(same user) I would also like to include, my original receipt I brought in for my external hard drive had a 30 day return or exchange policy. The woman took and threw away my receipt before handing me a thick store credit card.

When I asked to see the receipt again, they printed a copy with a 15 return policy. When I asked why the return policy changed they claimed that the policy changed a month back when had purchased the product and that there was no way around it.