Bought 3 appliances from Pacific Sales where we were told the delivery and installation are now directly handled by Best Buy Geek Squad personnel. Got our contract in email stating what time to expect delivery and installation and telling us all the things WE had to do to be ready.

Contract specified 12noon - 8PM window with reminder call day prior. NOT WHAT HAPPENED. No call yesterday but got a call at 9:37 AM this morning from contractors (not direct employees as we were led to believe) saying delivery could be done early. We shuffled things around so the products could be unloaded into our garage for what we assumed was still the scheduled 12noon-8PM installation time.

Then at 9:45 AM 3 guys show up at the door to begin installation. I tried to explain that we were with another vendor in the backyard and weren't ready. The one guy who speaks a bit of English says they'll unload the dishes from the current dishwasher (it's still in DRY mode & these guys are greasy, dirty -- NO WAY). They bring in a filthy floor mat to place under the old product.

We explained what contract says & said we couldn't do this early because we have another appt away from home at 10:30 AM. They're angry and say they'll just sit in the truck until noon, which they do, blocking our driveway and with their motor running so the gas fumes are shared with our neighbors. We're back from appt at 11:15, we unload the old dishwasher and tell them they can start but now they won't because it isn't noon yet.

Can't tell if it's a linguistic misunderstanding at this point or are they just pissed. You can bet we're pissed and won't ever buy service from Best Buy or Pac Sales appliances again.

User's recommendation: beware of installation services offered by Pacific Sales now owned by Best Buy.

Location: San Marcos, California

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