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I will never shop at Best Buy again! I had the worst customer service in buying an LED T.V.

I was told the Geek Squad would deliver and set it up. Then I find out it was being shipped by UPS. All Best Buy customer service does is transfer your calls. When you want to speak to a Supervisor they put you on hold for at least 15 minutes.

Then I was told the T.V. setup couldn't happen till the end of September. Also, I had to be home to sign for delivery from UPS. Everything the Best Buy customer service people said was untrue.

For example, they said it would only be signature required if I requested that. UNTRUE! I never requested signature delivery. in fact, I requested delivery and Setup by the Geek Squad.

Not one customer service person heard of Karolyn Sartori, the supposed VP of Customer Care. They have no clue even about their own website and staff. When you want to cancel an order, Customer Service can't do that. They have to transfer you to Order Cancellation Dept.

And if you think Customer Service is terrible, wait until you talk to someone from their Order Cancellation Dept. In fact, they refused to cancel the order apparently because they shipped it! You want to laugh at Best Buy, but it's too horrible to laugh at! Customer service at Best Buy is Horrible!

Best Buy advertised the Geek Squad would deliver and set up, but that's obviously not true! Also, the customer service from Best Buy said they don't set up on Saturday! Getting an appointment after 6:00 is nearly impossible unless you want to wait a month! I will never shop at Best Buy again!

It's a horrible experience. I am not accepting delivery from UPS and that will return the merchandise to Best Buy! Oh, I spent three hours on the phone with Best Buy talking to people in NY (who won't say in what part of NY they are located as though you might find them among the 15 million people who live there), Missouri, and Houston, when I live in CA. And how *** is Best Buy!

They could have delivered the product from a local store five minutes away and made me a happy customer. instead they're shipping from UPS from who knows how far away with signature delivery when nobody is home! They completely mistated their Geek Squad delivery and setup policies. This was the worst customer service experience I ever had with a store.

They even had a feature that says you don't have to wait on phone hold and they will call you back when they're available. I tried that. So they called me back and then put me on hold again for another 15 minutes. My recommendation is not to spend a dime at Best Buy.

Put them out of their own misery and find any other place to shop. There are many great stores of which Best Buy is not! The Customer Service personnel obviously don't want to provide customer service by the way I was treated. Do yourself a favor and shop anywhere else.

All I was trying to do was a buy a T.V. The only reason I thought I could buy from Best Buy was that they would deliver and set up and take away old T.V. But that's not true! And Best Buy made that buying process horrible and impossible for me!

And buying a new T.V. should be a fun experience. NEVER AGAIN!

I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE at Best Buy! I will never shop at Best Buy as long as I live!

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Oh, I forgot to mention that when I ordered the T.V. online their website crashed twice leaving me looking at a locked screen that said something like "please wait for confirmation".

So I called customer service the first time that happened and was told to wait 24 hours to see if the transaction went through. Are they kidding? Best Buy is horrible. I should wait 24 hours to see if I purchased something?

Best Buy's website doesn't work and you certainly can't trust it. The information about the Geek Squad delivering product and setting up product is false. The Geek Squad doesn't deliver and getting them to set up on Saturday is almost impossible unless you want to wait a month. Their retail stores even look horrible!

Their sales clerks are the worst. And their online customer service is the most uneducated, incompetent, group of unhappy workers I've ever come across. In fact, for a few of the Best Buy clerks, it sounded like they just woke up from sleeping as they were practically yawning into the phone. What a pathetic, horrible store Best Buy has become.

It seems they are planning to go out of business and that would explain the lowest quality and the poorest customer service. I just think they're brain dead high school drop-outs. With that lowest quality of workers, Best Buy's days are numbered. It seems obvious that they will go out of business very soon.

And we will all cheer that day!

Putting Best Buy out of its misery is the Best thing we can do for electronic retailers, for any future customers, and certainly for the Best Buy employees who would obviously rather be doing anything else than working at this mess of a store. Best Buy gives electronic retailers a very bad name indeed!

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