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In August of 2016 our electric range died. My wife and I went to Best Buy as we always have to purchase a new one. Best Buy has consistently provided the best price and service...until now. When the new range was delivered, the installation crew damaged our countertop. They actually tore a section from the side of the counter that butts up against the range. Not a big deal…or so I thought! Had the install crew left the piece of countertop they damaged, I would have just glued it back on and lived with it. But no, they took the piece with them and denied damaging the countertop. I even searched through the garbage to see if they placed it there. No luck!

I called Best Buy who gave me an 800 number to call so I could file a damage claim with their insurance carrier Sedgwick. I called and was given a claim number (301662943410001). After several weeks of hearing nothing, I called them to inquire about my claim. They said they couldn’t process my claim because I hadn’t sent them pictures and an estimate. I would have sent the information had they requested it! I promptly took pictures and had a local countertop company give me an estimate. $70 for the repair. Again, not a big deal.

Another two weeks passed and I heard nothing, so AGAIN I called to inquire about the claim. They said the person working with the claim had left the company and the claim had been reassigned to another person. NOT MY PROBLEM! Anyway, they assured me that I was the next claim to be processed. So, after another two weeks of hearing nothing I called them back AGAIN to inquire about the claim. The claim had NOT been processed, in fact, nothing had been done.

At that point I told them to cancel the claim and I would pay for it myself. I am in a business where customer service is paramount and have always lived by the motto that “if you don’t take care of your customer, someone else will”. I was absolutely amazed that in two months Sedgwick never called me. I was the one who initiated the call each time. As a result, I will NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER PRODUCT FROM BEST BUY! They lost a great customer. I was also in the process of opening a new office complex and had planned to spend my $35,000 appliance budget at Best Buy. Guess who didn’t get the business? I went to another big box retailer to purchase what I needed. I still like Bust Buy, but as a result of this experience, I will never do business with them again. I refuse to subject myself to this kind of service and the resulting anxiety!

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Electric Range Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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UPDATE: I noticed on my missed call log that the local Green Bay, WI Best Buy attempted to contact me on 10/17. Didn't leave a message or bother to call back.

Isn't that adding insult to injury? Don't they realize that by not leaving a message or calling back it only reinforces my desire to never shop them again? I don't get it! Just a simple "sorry you had a bad experience" on my voice mail would have satisfied me.

This wasn't Best Buy's fault, it was their insurance carrier SEGWICK! I give up!

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