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After much discussion, my wife and I decided to use Best Buy to furnish our first house with much needed appliances. This turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes that I have ever made. Best Buy’s customer, delivery, and installation service was so abysmal that they have officially lost an appliance customer for life, and I am seriously considering never purchasing another item from them again.

We had set up delivery of a refrigerator and gas stove for the day we moved in (January 24th, 2014). When the delivery truck arrived, the “installer” looked at my gas hook up and told me that my hook up was ¾” and the gas hose was 5/8”. He told me that he couldn’t, and wouldn’t, hook my stove up and simply dropped it off in the middle of the kitchen and left. Best Buy never thoroughly walked me through the process of installation so that I could be completely prepared. Further, the only work that had to be done was to put on an adapter (that costs $1.25) and converts the ¾” pipe to ½”. Best Buy is capable of connecting, and properly sealing the gas hose, but not capable of attaching and sealing an adapter? This is what they call “installation” service? Had Best Buy properly prepped me for installation I could have made sure that this part was already installed so I didn’t have a stove in the middle of my kitchen. To add to the stress of the first day of Best Buy’s delivery the “installers” left without even leveling the fridge; which I had to do myself as well!

We ended up having the microwave, dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer delivered later that week. The delivery personal not only manhandled the microwave upon delivery, but when I opened the box later that day, the box was missing the Styrofoam top, glass plate for the inside, and all the mounting hardware! I called Best Buy and told them about my problem and I was instructed to go to the store where I purchased the microwave and pick all the stuff up! Why would I have the microwave delivered, just so I can go back to the same store to pick up equipment that Best Buy forgot!!? The next morning I drove to the store to pick up the hardware for the microwave, essentially to take care of what Best Buy could not be bothered with, and it turns out all the hardware and missing pieces where sitting on a box at the store. Someone pulled them out before shipping, forgot to put them back in the box, and left them there!! Then delivered only part of the microwave to my house and told me to go to the store to clean up their mess! To add to this pathetic service, after I installed the microwave I realized that the light was missing. I am so fed up with Best Buy I don’t even care to go back to them to get a light, I will be going to Home Depot to just purchase a light.

It got only worse with the washer and dryer. My wife and I had a new hook up for the washer installed and the plastic drain cap was not removed yet. I was away for work when delivery for the washer and dryer arrived. I received a phone call from my wife telling me that the delivery personal were being really ruff with the appliances and that they said they could not install the washer because the drain cap was on. I got home later that afternoon to find that my wife removed the drain cap herself. In fact, she said it took 2 minutes to do after looking it up online. If Best Buy refused to remove the drain cap, why could they not give my wife the simple instructions so she could do it? They simply left the appliances and said to call back and reschedule. When I inspected the washing machine I found out the delivery crew had smashed in the back panel, and chipped the front plate on the washer! Further, they didn’t even install the dryer correctly! There is a metal clip that is supposed to prevent the electrical cord from being pulled and strained. Rather, than properly install the clip, they just dangled it from the cord outside the dryer. This tells me one of two things: 1.) Either Best Buy just doesn’t care about proper installation, customer service, and is flat out lazy, or 2.) they have absolutely no respect for women and figured that my wife would not notice!

After, my wife and I called to reschedule the installation appointment, Best Buy not only forgot to call to confirm the appointment, but just didn’t show up at all!! Clearly they did not give a *** about my wife, about me, or about our business. I called about the damage to the washer and was offered a whopping 10% off! In the end, I installed our gas stove, including the anti-tip bracket, I finished installing the refrigerator correctly, I drove to the store to pick up the appropriate parts for the microwave that was supposed to be delivered, I installed our washing machine, and I installed our dryer correctly. That’s the type of service you receive from Best Buy when you purchase $5000 worth of appliances from them! What was supposed to be an exciting time for my family turned into a chaotic and stressful moment thanks to Best Buy. I can officially say that Best Buy was NOT a contributing part to our excitement and happiness in purchasing a new house. There are too many other businesses in the market place to waste another dime on Best Buy and their *** service. Clearly, I have been spending too much money at Best Buy and they have had it with my business.

Best Buy has officially lost an appliance consumer for life, and may just have loss a consumer in general for life! I’ll take my money to some place that actually cares about my business.


Monetary Loss: $300.

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I experienced similar horror with Best Buy's delivery and installation service. I ordered a new refrigerator, electric range/oven, and an above the range microwave from Best Buy.

Big mistake!

It took 2 service calls to get my new refrigerator installed. First time they delivered it to the garage and didn't install it. They also didn't take away my old refrigerator.

I had a COMPLETE nightmare with the delivery and installation of my new electric range/oven and takeaway of my old range/oven. Two delivery men came.

One didn't know how to use the straps or the dolly to carry my old range/oven out. They demolished our iron sidewalk gate and brick pillar with the heavy new range and dolly. They scratched and gouged my hardwood floors and one of them sexually harassed me. They were apparently from a third party delivery service and no one would take responsibility for any of it.

They treated me horribly.

By then I was very worried and afraid of the delivery of the microwave. I called to cancel it. They said it could not be canceled. They sent the geek squad to do that delivery and installation.

They took out my old microwave, but when they unboxed the new one, it had a huge dent in it. HUGE.

After that, I tried to cancel that order again, but the geek squad guys hadn't closed out the order and it was still showing it was in delivery status for days on end. I ended up changing it to delivery only and paid my own contractors to install it.




Bought a high-end washer & dryer from Best Buy. Scheduled delivery and installation for between noon and 4pm.

The delivery service canceled at 3:30pm on the day of delivery and said we couldn't reschedule through them.

We ended up canceling the entire order. Not worth the wasted time and headache.


Beast buy had horrible appliance delivery. They use an outside company that doesn't care and doesn't perform.

Could not even get a call back from them. Go elsewhere


They suck. I just had my own appliance issue with Best Buy.

The new front loading dryer made it 25 days before developing a loud clunking noise. Best Buy said I could not return it because it was not within their 15 day return period - even though the dryer was not working correctly.


So sorry to hear about this and wish I had seen this review before I experienced the same type of nightmare experience. They have lost us as well as a customer.


I hope you didn't but the service plan. If you did, go and return the service plan.

If you thought your time with delivery was bad, wait till you try and do this.

They will do anything to keep your money from the service plans.

However, the plans are a form of insurance and are regulated by the government. After they refuse to give you your money you will have to threaten to go to your state and file a complaint.


I think you learned what many already know, Best Buy is interested in getting your money. After that I don't think they give a rat's a ss about their customers.


you learned a very valuable lesson WORST BUY will follow what was it called circut city.


This is why the minimum wage needs to be raised to $17 a hour. Then stuff like what you described WOULD CEASE to happen!


Sorry to hear about your experience Matt, I will avoid them now.


I beg to differ. Lazy, shiftless people don't work harder for more money.

They just call in sick every other week.

Also, if you're dumb enough to shop BestBuy then you get what you deserve.

BestBuy is just Wal-Mart without the groceries.

@Karma ***ks hahaha

I was being facetious, How much will a Big Mc cost if they are forced to pay such a high wage for putting a pickle on a burger. My hearing is fine & I never been inside a Bes But, Walmart not so much but I see what you mean


You're dreaming if you think increasing the minimum wage will fix that.