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I have done business with Best Buy for many years. I cannot understand all of the negative reviews.

Best Buy may not be the cheapest place to buy. However, I personally have never been unhappy with the service that by offers, and service is the most important thing for me. Their products are the same as anywhere else. Best Buy has always offered me the best service I have ever received.

They will take back anything for a full refund, which I have done. They have spent all the time I needed to explain the product and installation instructions. People may have a complain about one experience, but I have never found the store that hasn't had the same. In this particular instance I exchanged a product and when I went to have that exchange rung up, without asking, they gave me a discount because another store had the product at a lower price.

I did not even know there was a different price being offered. My only problem with them is there geek squad cost.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Why is it so hard to believe that people have good experiences? Why is it you automatically jump to the conclusion that they must work for B.B.?

Isn’t possible that out of the millions of customers that one of them had a pleasant experience? Just saying you can’t automatically assume that everyone had your experiences.


How much did Best Buy pay you to write this review?


Shame on you.You had a bad experience. I never have in all the years I've bought from them.So because you gave 1 star doesn't mean anyone giving 5 stars is lying.Suck it up i on.


I bought my first three computers from Best Buy but no longer shop there as I cannot tolerate the loud, loud noise they blare out of the speakers making it impossible to concentrate on what I am looking for. Best to figure out what you want and shop elsewhere or online.


Interesting. I go there often and have NEVER experienced the blaring music you speak about.

Maybe you might give them another chance. I think you will agree with me.

Also, went there today and bought a Netgear router. They spent a lot of time explaining how to install it.

Amazon had the same router at exactly the same price plus shipping.

Thanks One guy even explained to me how to get my directv remote to work with my Sony tv so I didn't have to use 2 remotes (except for the special Sony features like streaming video).

@Jeffrey Austin

condescending ***

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