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On the 16th of December 2012 at approximately 7:30pm, my wife, disabled son and I was approached by a Best Buy employee at the Wilmington, NC store off of College Drive. The employee was told by his manager that we are not allowed to put our companion dog down on the floor of the store because it was store policy.

He informed us that if we needed to put him down to take him outside. My wife told this flunky that if the store manager has an issue with our disabled son's companion dog, to come back here and talk to us. Later during check out, we noticed how odd the checkout people were acting. They looked at our son strangely and at his companion dog which I held even though it was an effort to hold a dog and pay for our purchases.

Afterwards I returned into the store and approached the floor supervisor. I asked him what was the problem with our dog being in the store. HE claimed it was store policy that dogs have to be carried in the store! I said if a 150lb service dog entered this store you are going to make the owner carry it??

He said then that if the dog is 50lbs or less it'd have to be carried. I then asked to see this store policy that he spoke of. He stated he does not have a copy. I then asked if it is posted on the store outside so everyone can read it.

He said no. I said so you don't really have a store policy and that what you're doing is against the law and discriminating to my son! I said to this dude that we shall never return to this store ever again!! My son is 20 years old and was born with Trisomy 21 Downs Syndrome.

His companion dog is a 14lbs Papillion, well Trained and very smart.


and Mrs R. Parker and son.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Manager.

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With BB going down to bankrupsy, they shoulda hoped the dog would make a purchase.


One thing jumped ouyu at me. Your had an effort to hold the dog while paying!!!

If the dog was a trained service dog, then it would not have to be held while you were paying. The dog would be trained to sit/lay when commanded for jut these types of events. If you received a service dog, I would return it for further training.

Why were you taking care of the animal? It shoudl be responding to your son!


Simon is right that there is a definite difference between a service and compsnion dog though people tend to use them interchangably. But the store should have provided a written guidance from Corporate to each store in order to stave off confusion. Many non-food stores now allow companion dogs.


Never once did they mention their dog is a service dog. The only time service dog is mentioned is in the hypothetical "150lb service dog.." Service and companion are completely different and not interchangable.

Someone who legitimately owns a service dog would not make those kind of errors.

My guess is the lady brought in her son's dog because she felt she since he's handicapped, rules don't apply to him and no one will say anything.


You are *** up for saying the things you are saying. You don't know their situation.


As the coplaintant's son was disabled as stated, the dog is a service dog. The two terms are used interchangabily.


A companion dog is not a service dog and is not subject to ADA laws. The dog shouldn't have even been in the store.

Way to use your son's disability to garner sympathy for your complaint against a retail store. You sicken me.


Though the comment from the Geek Squad employee here is helpful, instances of rude employees at Best Buy are pretty much routine. I doubt that this customer will call nor email Corporate as the damage is done and will put this incident behind him but never step back into a Best Buy again. Afterall, all anyone in Corporate can do is apologize and state that something similar would never happen again.


Call this number - 612-292-0074

Its senior representation for Best Buy, see if they can remedy your situation. I apologize for the rudeness of your local Best Buy employees and I hope their actions do not negativity impact the company as a whole.

A lot of good people work here. If that number does not work email these three people.

Lisa.Smith@bestbuy.com, Tim.Sheehan@bestbuy.com, Shari.Ballard@bestbuy.com. Hope everything gets taken care of.

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