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I recently purchased a Yamaha receiver at BestBuy for $699. One week later 6th Ave. Electronics advertised the exact same item for $498. I went to 6th Ave. and the item was in stock and being sold for $498.

Here is a copy paste from the BestBuy website re: Price Guarantee.

“Store Price Guarantee: If an item you purchased at Best Buy is advertised at a lower price, we'll refund you 110% of the difference from our competitor's sale price, up to 30 days after your purchase. Simply bring in proof of price while that lower price is in effect.”

When I went to the local BestBuy store with my proof of purchase and the 6th Ave. ad, the customer service girl immediately informs me that they do not consider 6th Ave a competitor and would not honor the price guarantee. Upon my questioning as to how a local retail store (there is a 6th Ave located one mile down the street from this particular Best Buy) that sells the exact items to the same local customers is not a retail competitor, she had no explanation other than they do not consider 6th Ave a local retail competitor…as if this is common knowledge to the general public. There is no mention of this exclusion anywhere in the store or on the BestBuy website.

But here’s the clincher...The BestBuy website actually goes out of their way to clearly define what type of store makes you, the customer, eligible for a price match. Here is a copy paste directly from the BestBuy website FAQ section:

“What is considered a local retail competitor? Answer-A retail store located in the same market area as your local Best Buy store.”

Hmmmm…. Let’s see. The 6th Ave retail store is about 1 mile down the street from BestBuy. They buy merchandise from wholesalers just like bestBuy and then resell on a retail basis to customers who enter their store..and may have just come from BestBuy to compare prices for the exact same item. But BestBuy does not consider 6thAve a local retail competitor. If that’s’ not a local retail competitor, then what is? BestBuy could not answer that question either.

I called their national customer service number to complain but I got more of the same mumbo jumbo. When I pointed out Bestbuy’s very own definition of a “local retail competitor” to the rep on the phone, she was speechless. She just apologized and recommended that I return the receiver to BestBuy and go buy it at 6th Ave for $200 less, which is exactly what I did.

Best???Buy????...may not be the best name for this company. Either way, it’s GOOD-BYE to BestBuy as far as I am concerned.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Website.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Just ordered on line from best buy. An hour later I found the exact item 20% cheaper at by Greg.

Not sure how hard to get my 20 % will be. Best buy does state. " at time of purchase" but I can tell you that it will be the last time at best buy if I get jerked around. Why would I buy from best buy in the first place if others are cheaper.?

No reason. Just *** on my part


I agree! will sell it to you but do not back up price guarantee and service plan " Geek Squad" is a waste of money. stick with manufacturer's warantee and shop else where.


And look at where they are now!


Actually circuit city was always good about price matching, where as Best buy would never.


uh...yeah. not.

Best Buy will call local retailer to verify if an item is in stock in their store. If not; no match. Just advertising the price and ordering it for shipment or delivery in 4 weeks is NOT available.

This is the game 6th Avenue plays vs the game Best Buy plays. Neither will budge against the other.


I've had a "less than special" experience with Best buy in the past ,but ,recently they have stepped up their "price match" policy in the stores. they even price-matched Costco (NOT one of their "local competitors due to being a "member" club) once I could prove the model #'s were the same.

They told me that many manufacturers make models specifically for the discount stores(hence the model #'s) that have fewer features and are priced lower.

One employee even called me after I bought a refrigerator from him to tell me it was going on sale and to bring in my receipt to get the price adjusted! maybe they are reading these postings?!


Their price match must have changed since april.. now it states that they only pricematch themselfs on the web and in the store. No more competitor pricematching


I had a pleasent experence with Best Buy and the price match. I bought a Samsung 37" Flat Panel TV and the sales guy told us about the price match and to watch the sale ads for the next month.

Two weeks later it was on sale at Circuit City for $190 less. Took the ad right to customer service desk and boom...They did a cash credit right to my visa.

That covered the extended warranty we purchased. I at least feel covered now on the whole scam of extended warranties.


I'll admit Best Buy should have given you a better deal but they shouldn't have to match some illigitimate dealer. I work retail and know that you should never buy from an unauthorized dealer, which I can bet you anything 6th ave is not authorized....

Especially reading the other stories on this forum, grey market goods, foreign manuals, used sold as new..etc.

you should know better. Always check with the manufacturer which stores are legitimate dealers so that you don't end up getting burned trying to save a few dollars.


Yeah Best Buy really screwed you over on that one.

I would write a letter to their corporate office and try to get satisfaction that way. Sounds like you may just have gotten a customer service person who disregards policy.

PS I wouldn't bet on Circuit City


***...that sucks. I was hoping to be able to get a price match at Best Buy with a 6th ave ad I have.

And same...the 6th ave is probably less than a mile away from the Best Buy. Maybe I'll have some luck with trying it at the Circuit City across the street.

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