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Bought a 55" tv / mount / sound system- was told delivery will be within 5days- got home waited for delivery and got sound sys and mount, no tv. Delivery people didn't call me to arrange time; evidently store doesnt have the tv either.

Customer service tells me they dont know what happened (literally no clue), better yet they changed my delivery date- didn't have the curteousy to tell me. After 3 calls and half day wasted, they tell me delivery date is changed (told me they would call and let me know but didn't call me so had to call them to find out). And what's my recourse? they tell me I can return it if I want - seriously!

I have bought so many things from this company for so long- this is a sign to look for an alternative. A sad goodbye - NO MORE BESTBUY FOR ME.

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Thanks for thinking of us and posting your reply. Have a great day!


I live in Minneapolis Minnesota not far from their Corporate HQ. Most of us in Minneapolis know not to purchase anything from WORST BUY.

The Wall Street Journal say they wont even be around in a few years. Makes you think.


I work for Staples and make good comments to Office max / office depot...its called giving someone proper information so they don't go ranting about how everyone is out to get them and that they are "right" even though the company is right.


In this month's Consumer Report, Dec 2012, on page 25, retailers are rated. Best Buy is on the bottom.

Also, I do not believe that the commenter is from Staples.

Why would an employee from Staples even be on here championing Best Buy.

New Best Buy employee tactic for these websites? Hmmmm....


it seems like companies take forever to ship anything anymore. I work for Staples and for most online purchases, they arrive within 1-2 business days. it can be a few extra days for larger purchases but no more than a week.

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