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I purchased a gift card for a 100 for my husband to get his computer fixed, he is a IT person and took offense to it. He shredded the card.

after I learned about it. I went to the store they said you have to call the 800 number. So I called the 800 number for best buy. The girl asked for all the numbers on the receipt.

OK I got she said your refund will be back on your card in 4 to 6 days Its been 3 weeks. So I called again. Oh well there is no numbers listed in your account. She said you will have to go to the store.

if you have the receipt and have them pull up information on their computer. so now I have to drive to the best buy store and hopefully get some information the 800m number said I need. I recommend to never buy a gift card from best buy. if something goes wrong.

with it. they will refuse to give you back your money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Gift Card.

Reason of review: there are other computer stores in the world.

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Probably should blame your husband for this mishap, if you had not acted like a two year old and should have the card it would have been a lot easier for you to return the gift card. Most stores won't refund gift cards in fact Best Buy typically doesn't return gift cards look at their terms and conditions. Seriously own up to the situation as you created it or your husband rather..


You are lucky they are even willing to work with you at all. Most companies say if you lose or the gift card is stolen too bad. Frankly they should just say 'your husband shredded the card, tough luck'.


Very true but a best buy employee with back office access can look up the GC number, search the GC for amount on it and return it if it hasn't been used. I'm not too sure if most people know that but it can be done to help out someone in a *** situation. We do let people know its treated the same as cash though.

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