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I was intending to use a gift card for items picked on the Best Buy Web site. I picked a few items into my shopping cart on the Best Buy web site (compute cable and some office supplies). To my dismay when I went to payment and tried to choose gift card option, it would not accept that and the following message appeared if you tried to choose it:

"Gift cards and savings codes cannot be used on orders containing Marketplace items."

None of my items could be used for the gift card!!

Give me a break. That is no way to do business. A gift card should work on any item that appears for sale on a company's web site.

PS: I would not recommend to buy Best Buy gift cards for the holiday!

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Gift Card.

Reason of review: Business policy.

Best Buy Cons: Web site business policy.

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This is common with all major companies. Marketplace items are sold by third party sellers, in other words, people other than Best Buy.

You cannot use gift cards at stores other than Best Buy.

You will find this on Walmart's website, you cannot use gift cards for items sold by Wayfair on their website, etc. This is a really common practice.


Common practice doesn't justify a bad user experience. If I give my money to a company for a product, they should make it easier for me to spend it.


Are you really this ***? Those are marketplace items that Best Buy does not sell. Of course a Best Buy gift card won't work on them.


Yet these marketplace items are disguised at Best Buy products on http://www.bestbuy.com

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