Impossible to reach tech support with Geek Squad | Best Buy review from Stone Mountain, Georgia

I am really upset with Geek Squad. I have tried calling Geek Squad for computer tech support of which i have a 3 year contract and have been told for over 8 plus hours that all circuits are busy. How can this be? This is totally ridiculous. i tried chatting yesterday with someone who seemed totally incompetent and or too dumb to read and or understand my texts to her. So i got frustrated and ended the session because i didn't want to give her access to my pc.
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Dell Desktop Computer
Reason of review
cant speak to a human keep getting for 8 plus hours over the past 2 days all circuits are busy

Sold a Displayed Computer, won't Exchange the computer | Best Buy review from Stone Mountain, Georgia

December 22, 2012 my brother had purchased 2 televisions and 2 computer labtops. My brother gave my children the 2 laptops at Best Buy in Hoover, Alabama. The sells person gave my brother one new laptop computer and the other was a display which he had no knowledge. When we opened the gift. We saw the yellow sticker said display. I called my brother and asked if he was aware its a display and he said "NO" he had no knowledge they put a display in the box, he just assumed a new computer. December 26 2012 my mom and I went to Best Buy in Snellville, Georgia and told them this is a display and that the password on this computer we couldn't get it off in order to get into the computer.. It took Greek Squad hours to get the password off. After 2 hours we went back on December 26th to pick up the computer and the guy from Greek Squad informed me they finally got it off and I mention about my brother didn't know the other store sold him a display and he had paid full price for a display. He called his manager on duty the young woman came over and give me $31.00 dollars back but did not offer me an exchange. January 26th I came back to Best Buy with the same computer because something was wrong with the screen. This is Snellville, GA location. Geek Squad told me it was the screen and the warranty doesn't cover it and they check to see if my brother purchased accidental insurance. I told him this was a display so why can't they exchange it. The manager told me they see impact.. I told him that's a lie, there's no scratch, no bumps, no cracks, I didn't drop it.It was on a flat surface, nothing fell on top of it.. There was no impact.. Look I know that screen sometimes just go out for no reason. He telling me that's not true and he know his employees had offered me an exchange. I told him that was a lie and I had a witness with me that can tell you the same thing no one offered me an exchange. Then the manager says to me the receipt shows they gave me an exchange. I told him that is a lie because I received a 20% discount I never gotten a new computer again no one offered me a new computer. So Best Buy denied giving me a new computer.. I called ASUS and they told me Best Buy could have given me a new computer, I called them on December 27th. Now I have to send the other or the 2nd computer my brother brought only a little over 30 days and ship it to ASUS because this computer will not charge the battery.. Both of these companies I will never deal with. I've had experiences with computers but nothing like broke in 30 days and I'm suppose to have 12 month warranty.. This is ridiculous.. Never and I will tell any and everyone to never by this company computer and buy anything from BEST BUY..
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Im dealing with the same problem. I got a lawyer because vestbuy wont letme talk to the store manager so finally I get a new computer hopefully


Me, the Best Buy employees that overwhelmingly comment here do blame the customer or insult commentors that display sympathy and support to the complaintants. You are the first one that has actually purported that the complaints here are legitimate.

Your comment here indicates that you have scrupples and honesty. Unfortunately, your coworkers do not always display the same values. This is one of the significant reasons that Best Buy is having problems insuring a long lived future.

Any company would appreciate you as an employee. But I fear that Best Buy does not.


Unfortunately you accepted the $31 rather than demanding an exchange. It would have been prudent to decline the money and file a complaint with the Alabama State Attorney's Office's Consumer Protection Division.

This is not the first type of complaint against Best Buy. They also have been known to replace old equipment in new boxes and reseal. Then when the victim returns, they claim that the victimized customer is trying to "scam" the store. They were caught not long ago hosting 2 websites, one for the public and an almost identical one for their stores but with higher prices.

When a costumer would bring a printout of an item for purchase the salesman or saleswoman would "check" on the stores computer and low and behold the price would be higher. The usual "reasons" were that the price had just increased or just claim ignorance.

Best Buy employees respond here (if you have not noticed) trying to put blame on the customers. The Dec 2012 issue of CONSUMER REPORT rated retailors and Best Buy was at the bottom.


John not all of us BB employees that respond here try to blame the customers. This complaint (along with most of the ones I see on here) is legit.

I completely agree with everything else you said though.

And no, I'm not some disgruntled former employee that's just bashing the company. I work for BB right now, but I, unlike many other employees, believe in telling the truth and taking care of the customers that are the reason we all have jobs.


You found out you got a display computer, allowed them to *** the password (which is so darn easy you could have done it yourself)took it back home with you, THEN decided you wanted another one, and you can't understand why they won't exchange it? The time to push for an exchange was the initial visit, not a month later.

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First time and last time best buy customer

I purchased a asus transformer prime tablet that I had been saving for five months and the tablet was found to be defective by best by's own geek squad. I paid $529.99 cash for the unit. I returned the unit within the fourteen days alotted refund time grace period.The rude ***, no customer service clerk told me, my choice was either a gift card or they would send me a check in about two to five days and that was all the choices that I had. This was even though they didn't have any other units nor could they order another one. I feel that since I paid cash on the spot that they should either refund me cash on the spot, or cut me a check on the spot. I feel that the asus transformer prime tablet is a great product, however like all new computer products some problems do ocurr. I will purchase another transformer prime tablet once asus irons out their bugs, but not buy from best buy, nor will I recommend them to my freinds or family. I'm pissesd and they suck:(
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I kind of agree with the original poster, Remote1. that is pretty unfair, considering he returned it during the return period.

but Sara needs to *** off, she's nothing but a little overconfident *** on this site.

and Sith, the customer is always right wasn't never true to begin with. it's just an excuse that people have used when they don't get their way, even when they're being ridiculous.


LOL! Simon is an imbicile. What an accomplishment Simon - you are quite the superhero, hiding behind your computer, defending Best Buy.


Look it's Simon, the mean little sad guy, who guys around a website insulting people! YAY!

Simon has saved us all! :zzz


It's about principle. Clearly, BestBuy is filled with rude employees. All the complaints are not just from 1 person.

If you accept cash, but cannot refund it, make it one of your infamous "Policies" to inform the customer when checking out! YEA! BOOM! Dumb**es!

They have NO PROBLEM Telling you how much you can save with a BestBuy card or all the benefits of the RewardZone Club. Take 30 Seconds to tell me the *** I'm in for If I try to return what I'm buying!

Alan C

Cash for returns up to a limited amount is standard procedure at all consumer electronics retailers. You did not get screwed because they ARE sending you a check in a reasonable amount of time.

BTW - paying cash for large purchases is the WORST decision one can make. Credit card companies will fight for you if you've been wronged on a purchase transaction.


I was at Best Buy today and was told they would only give me store credit for my transformer. It was on the 14th day and I am a premier silver rewards member and am suppose to be able to return in with in 45 Days... What a crock and to top it off the manager (shouldn't be) was a rude rude man.


If they can allow you to buy it with cash, they should be able to refund it with cash! What ever happened to "The customer is always right." ?? Is this the age that companies get away with your money without giving you product?????


Remote1.... It doesn't matter if they are a national retailer or not, they don't print money in the back warehouse. It is what it is, join the 21st century and get a credit card.


remote1 - I was going to reply again, but the last two posters said it just as well as I can. Like nika said, a store sending you a check in 2-5 days is standard practice.

Do you really think the manager of Wal-Mart would've whipped out a checkbook and cut you a check in the store? You know better.

You know your complaint is less than valid. Just accept it.


This is the problem with paying cash, most retailers have a cash back limit of $500- It's not just best buy. Seeing how you work in retail you should have known better than to pay that much money in cash for an item and should of put that in your bank account and used your card. Also best buy cannot hand out checks at a store level, I do not know of any store that does this either.

John N

I do not go to BestBuy anymore because of various things, but topping the list is rude, *** customer service. However, on this one, for them to send you a cheque in 2-5 days in common business practice and acceptable.

You need to understand that large corporations have procedures for the control and safe-guarding of monies. They don't even like to take cash, much less have cash lying around with the potential of employees lifting it.

Thus, like any big company or bureaucracy, they follow well-established procedures and cut you a cheque. Be happy you got your money back.


All, if not most large retail chains do have large amounts of cash...


Let me correct, my last statement. They told me that that would send me the check by mail.

I did not make this purchase by mail.

come on Simon, do you really think this the way to treat a customer?

FYI, my part time job is retail, and yes a national retail chain. If you write a check, you get cash back in ten days, you pay cash you get cash back,credit card it goes back to your credit card,etc,etc,etc......


Hey Simon, The last time I checked best buy is

a national retail chain. remember, i said that they said,they would cut a check in two to five days. If they they can't cut a $530.00 check at the store level, they must have more problems than they are letting the public know about,and they are probally about to go out of business or chpt 11 or 7.and yeah five hundred bucks is something to cry about, I'm not rich i saved this money for 4 months.


It sounds like this may be your first time shopping anywhere. Most retail stores keep a very limited amount of cash on hand and so they will have to issue you a check if you want a refund.

Any intelligent person running a store would do the same thing.

You're really being a huge baby about this. Try growing up.

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I went to Best Buy to buy an Xbox 360 console for my brother, I am 22 years old, but had forgotten my I.D. Apparently that is required to buy the console - in cash!? Anyways, I did not have it so I calmly asked for a manager - they TOLD ME NO - and then I asked if the...
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The funny part is from around midnight Thanksgiving morning til about 5 or 6 PM yesterday you could order the PS3's and Xbox's online for the black friday prices all over.

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Best Buy Cashier

Best Buy Sells Inferior Toshiba Laptops

I purchased a Toshiba Satellite laptop from Best Buy and one month later the keys popped off. I had it placed in my rolling computer bag and opened the laptop in a clients office to a mess of keys sitting atop the keyboard. I was able to place the majority back on but several could not be replaced. I contacted Best Buy and was informed that thirty days was up and there was nothing that could be done because the warranty does not cover the keyboard. BEWARE of patronizing Best Buy, they could care less about customer retention, satisfaction, or service.
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This G

It's not Best Buy's fault that Toshiba made a faulty product. You ran the risk of not being covered by BBY when you didn't buy their warranty, so you are stuck with the manufactures warranty. Which is, btw, the people you should be angry with.


Your best bet is to do this. Call Toshiba and tell them you have a sticky key.

They may ask you if you want to send it in for repair or you send you the keyboard. They may ask you to send the old one back.

I have had Dell and Lenvo send me new keyboard this way many times. If you search on the internet, you should be able to find the best way to get the other keys on if the above doesn't help out.


maybe you should read your service plan. that would be a great idea. or know that the 30 day return policy is there for almost every company in existance now.

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Car Radio/CD Player | Best Buy review from Stone Mountain, Georgia

Purchased a new car radio/cd player and housing in Nov. 09. Radio keeps beeping even though that feature is turned off, CD will not advance between tracks without pressing the next track button, and the radio is separating from housing and the housing from the car. All elements were installed by Best Buy. Even though the unit is still under warranty Best Buy refuses to replace it. Best Buy wants to send it to Sony for repair and leave a me without a radio for who knows how long and a gaping hole in my dash. Not a good idea in Atlanta traffic.
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Those crooks in the car-stereo section wanted about $30 per fifteen minutes, just to LOOK at a car stereo issue I had, even though I was going to buy new equipment from them. Bunch of criminals, never going back there again


maybe next time instead of being cheap and buying a *** radio for $50 you should spend that extra 10 bucks on buying the better version, usually if u buy cheap *** u get cheap quality, cuz the radio i bought from them has no problems what so ever and it was installed by them, quit being spoiled and buy something good, spend some cash u cheap ***

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Best Buy and Geek Squad

I purchased a car stereo from Best Buy online and waited 90 minutes for Geek Squad to install it only to find out that they did not have all the parts to complete the job. I was then referred to another locations who did not have the parts either. Fortunutely I called the next location instead of wasting my time. I then called the Best Buy consumer relations department to file a complaint and to see if the needed radio harness was available in the metro area. It was not and the only solution suggested by the respresentative was that I see if another business could install the radio... da heck with Best Bunglers and Geek Squad
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used Geek Squad to replace my lamp assembly and they sent it to a third party to have it fixed and charged me $$150 to pick up set and a additional $400.00 for parts and labor. When I called Best Buy they offered me a $50 gift card for my troubles. I will never use Geek Squad again to repair a tv.

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BEST BUY Took hardrive and destroyed information

Bought a PC from BEST BUY, when the PC failed to work I brought the defective PC to Best Buy (which was still under warranty) The GEEK sqaud (what a joke) kept it for a week, running tests, problem (according to their Geek squad) was NOT hardrive, sent PC to Best Buy repair facility to be repaired (don't do repairs in house), Best Buy store put on my paperwork NO NEED TO BACKUP AS IT WASN'T A HARD DRIVE ISSUE. When The Best Buy repair facility received it they said it was the hardrive and replace with new one, without calling me before it was done. When I tried to retrieve my information, was told it would cost me $350 to $1500. I lost my mothers pictures from her funeral (irreplaceable) because I did not have the money to get my data back. If I had known that I needed a backup I would have done it, but the BB store told me no need. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER PC FROM BEST BUY
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If there's one thing I have learned, it's that you ALWAYS need a back up. Especially when sending a computer in for any type of repair.

But, also a good idea to have one around just in case the hard drive happens to fail (which can even happen in the first 2-3 months of buying it new).

Sorry to hear you lost your pictures. :sigh

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Best Buy warranty? At their convenience.

I bought a 42" Pioneer plasma TV from "Best?" Buy in July 2007. The TV was over $2000. I was told by the sales rep that Pioneer was the best TV they had. Within 2 months of having the TV, an image was burned into the bottom of the screen. The TV was not paused. The image was burned during a commercial. When the technician arrived, he stated that the image would simply go away. Of course it did not. Fast forward to February. While watching TV, the power cut out, and I could not get it to turn back on. I called both "Best?" Buy and Pioneer. Pioneer tech support told me that according to the 6 flashing lights, my internal power board was out. I relayed this information to "Best?" Buy. My techinician was scheduled to come out that following Monday. I took a half day off of work so I could let him in. I was told "You will be called between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. and the tech will arrive within 2 hours". At 10:00, after not hearing anything from the tech, I called customer non-service and was told, "they are probably just running behind. I'd give them another hour". I gave them 2 hours, and still no call. So I call back only to be told "our system is down, so we will have to reschedule your appointment." Apparently, "Best?" Buy had no intention of alerting me to their own screw up. Never mind I took off a half day off from work. That's not their problem right? Needless to say I was very upset. I thought surely "Best?" Buy would move their schedule around to accomodate me. After all, it was their error. Wrong. They rescheduled for Friday. God forbid they send someone out on the weekend. No, I'll just have to take another half day. I scheduled a 3:00 to 5:00 window for that Friday. The tech shows up at 6:30. No call to inform me he was running late. After spending almost 2 hours looking at the TV, he informed me that he needed to order a part. It took him 2 hours to figure that out?? I told him I called and told you people what was wrong with it. Why didn't you bring the appropriate equipment???? I then called customer non-service to tell them I was taking the TV in to the store to exchange it. I was told I could not do that. I escalated the issue up to a manager who told me she would follow the order and stay on top of it. This was Friday. As of Wednesday I still had not heard from her, so I called her and she said the part had been ordered, but there was no tracking order so she couldn't tell me when the tech would come back out. I suggested that she go ahead and schedule the tech to come out Friday, and if the part was not in, we would reschedule. This seemed like a perfectly normal request, but of course it was denied. The bottom line is that I will be without TV for 3 weeks, if I'm lucky. I'm probably writing this prematurely anway, as I anticipate further delays. Do not buy from these people. "Best?" Buy is a scam.
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