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I just had the most awful customer service interaction with A customer service representative on the phone. I purchased a Apple Watch for a family member for Christmas. I was expecting the package today after calling UPS I found out that the package was not picked...
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No help in the store? The solution is place a phone order while standing in front the customer service person | Best Buy review from Snellville, Georgia

I went to the snellville, store in gwinnette county Ga. Prior to going to the store I call for info on a laptop computer. I was invited to place the order on the phone but I declined because I wanted to shop around. After spending 1 hour trying to get help from someone I did the ridiculous, while in the store I got on the phone, and was able to place the order, while standing about 100 ft from the employee, I asked him when could I pick it up? Then waved to him and said am right here. This snellville bestbuy is the worse for help in the store, dont go there,
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*waving" "I'm right here you ***. Now watch as I make my way out the door to Target."

Kudos, sir. I bet that 'salesman' felt 2 inches tall like he should have.


On one visit to a local BB store (about 5 or 6 years ago - and one of my last), I was having a difficult time finding help. I noticed a group of blue shirts, about 5 or 6 grouped together (called a blue-gaggle) chatting obviously enjoying themselves.

I walk by them and one asked if I needed help. I responded with a firm tone "Why are you grouped together and not at your posts?". They immediately broke apart going to there respective areas - including the one that asked if I needed help! It was so funny to see the looks on there faces!

I was just a customer - but they didn't know that! :grin

I see this often. They may get bord, but it's up to them to find things to do.

Good thing they don't work for me. Cuz they wouldn't be working for me long.


That's hilarious! Good job

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Best Buy Extended Warranties-No Good

I purchased a Sony Vaio laptop from best Buy on 6/15/2010. The purchase price was $1030.00, with an additional 3YR geek squad warranty. I needed some repairs for the laptop and sent it in. I was informed that the laptop was not able to be repaired and that they would do a reimbursement or replacement of the product. I get to the store and they no longer have any Sony laptop in the store, but they have them online. What I'm really upset about is that they determine my market value of my laptop was 679.99 with tax's $ 734.39. Why would I have paid 1030.00 plus $ 349.99 total 1379.99 to be told they will give me S 679.99 two and half years later. Talk about getting robbed? Some, No Lemon Policy. Talk about pissed- off. I will be closing my Best Buy, account and will not continue during business with them. Not to mention in-store fraud on my account.
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Do you really not understand how wrong you are in this situation?

First, you purchased an Accidential Damage through Handling Protection Plan not a warranty.

Second, you clearly don't understand the terms of the GSP (Geek Squad Protection) you purchased.

Third, you should know that for the depreciated amount you were given you can buy another laptop that is actually better than the 2 year old model which was not repairable.

Need I say more?

Alan C

Read this:

"If we determine, at our sole discretion, that your product cannot be repaired, we will replace it with a product of like kind and quality that is of comparable performance or reimburse you for replacement of the product with a voucher or gift card, at our discretion, equal to the current market value of the product, as determined by us, not to exceed the original purchase price of your product, including taxes.

ï‚· Technological advances may result in a replacement product with a lower selling price than the original product."

Above is part of the terms of the contract you purchased. By the way, you purchased years 1-3, not 3 additional years. Other than damage, year 1 was under mfr coverage.

Price appears plausible based on depreciation. I never buy from BBY, but no one forced you to purchase a BBY columbian neck tie service plan. In effect, you're getting $330 (actually less because you could have invested the 330 or used it in 2010 for more productive purposes).


You do realize that things depreciate over time right?


How much did you expect back exactly?

Were you expecting to be able to use your laptop for 2 years, have it break and then get your money back?

What kind of business would that be?

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