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Best Buys Worthless Return Policy

Purchased an Epson NX420 Stylus MFP printer from a Best Buys in Charleston, SC in November 2011. In January 2012, started getting "low level - black cartridge" messages from printer. Went to Best Buys here in Decatur GA, and was advised to purchase a "high capacity" (#126) replacement cartridge by Best Buys computer support members. Bought cartridge, and waited for original to empty (one month later) before attempting to install new cartridge. Replacement cartridge was defective (printer was unable to recognize it), and attempted to exchange the cartridge (still in original package) at the Decatur store. Refused to do the defect exchange due to purchase being made more than one month ago, and lack of receipt. I guess the practice of keeping replacement ink cartridges on hand is a lost thought? I see why they are having to close 500 stores! Nice move, Best Buys! If I handled customer service in my store this way, I would be looking for a new job.
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30 days is too short for you? Really??


How can it still be in the original package, since you had to open the bag to take it out to install? I have to agree with the others, past the return window or not, no receipt= no return at most places, especially with something that is sold at many other stores, like ink cartridges.


the original poster is a *** ***! no wonder why they chose to be anonymous so we won't see their other ridiculous complaints.

it's BEST BUY not BEST BUYS. retard. why do you expect them to return or exchange your cartridge if it was bought so long ago?? without proof of payment, they can't do anything for you.

for all they know, you bought the ink at another store or just found it on the ground and wanted to make a little profit by returning it which is probably what you did. you big baby.


Due to the consistent abusive attitude you seem to possess, I do have to ask IHateStupidCustomers if anyone knows you made it down the birth canal? This forum should be for exchanging information to help each other.

Trying to make other people look *** is not productive and goes against the purpose of this site.Be an asset... not an a__!


I really think 30 days is a reasonable amount of time to return an item. I have no problem with any store denying a return for lack of a receipt.

You were past the return period and didn't have a receipt.

Go ask any other store that you shop at if they would return an item past their return policy without a receipt. Let me know what you find out.

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DONT shop this Best Buy

I purchased a camera for my wife in Christmas. After just a few months the screen goes out on the camera and when I go to the store for an exchange and or repair they advised it was not covered. The geek squad manager a very pompous *** advised that it was not a manufacturers defect and that's why they offer a geek squad black tie special plan. I guess the plan includes screwing all the customers out of standing behind a product by offering an inflated cost to have them provide customer service that was once necessary to conduct business. I have spent thousands in the store and in 3 minutes the lost me as a customer. When I asked if this was worth loosing a 20 year customer the manager didn't blink and eye YES. Screw Best Buy and its rip off programs making you pay more to receive the customer service we deserve!
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You do realize that Best Buy doesn't make the products that are for sell in their store right? Your Samsung or Sony TV doesn't say Best Buy it has the name of the manufacturer on it and manufacturer warranties don't cover accidental damage from you dropping it or whatever happened to it.

Once it's out of the return policy it's out of their hands unless you purchased the geek squad warranty.

And why do you think you're so entitled or special just because you've spent thousands of dollars there at Best Buy? Lots of people have spent a lot more money than you and don't act that entitled.


This is another example of a customer trying to scam the retailer. Retailers don't make the products, they sell them.

If the camera doesn't work, go after the manufacturer. If you damaged the camera, then ask the manufacturer for the address of the closest repair center and have it fixed.


A few months and Best Buy should be responsible for your camera? You probably dropped it a few times and that's why the manufacturer won't repair it.

Do you think managers really care about you? Maybe you should spend five minutes in the management office and hear what we say about you "precious" customers.


here we go with another *** that thinks he can control what a store is supposed to do just because he spends a lot of money. listen to the adults there when they talk to you, little boy or girl.

they offer their own warranty to protect your product. yes, they do it for more money but also if you want to protect your product. Best Buy didn't make the camera that you bought. retail stores don't make a lot of money on electrics as it is.

what makes you think they'll cover damages for free?

when there's a manufacturer's warranty, that means the maker of the product covers the warranty. maybe you need to learn that store and manufacturer are different words.


You still have a one year warranty with the manufacturer. Call them. Quit blaming Best Buy for not giving you a free replacement on an item you didn't buy a protection plan for.


People like you are annoying. Your camera broke which totally sucks that your hard earned money in this economy is gone but what do you expect a retailer to do?

Retailers stand behind manufactures and if the manufacture wouldn't cover it why would they eat the cost? In a perfect world they should but to be honest in my opinion quality of electronics has gone to *** because of consumers greed. Nothing is built like it used too be which is sad. I'm only a 10$/hr part time employee for 5 years and quality now compared too years ago is frightening.

Retailers have too sell it because Amazon sells it. Consumers look at price and not quality now days. If bby, hhgreg, etch would sell only high end quality stuff then they would be out of business. Wrapping up my point, I'm not saying you purchased a *** camera but electronic fail rates have increased a lot over the years.

Retailers can't afford too eat the cost of them all. Manufactures control retailers by the balls. I guess I should end with informing you I do work for bby, I understand you're upset, I just ask think once more if bby failed you.

If not I HOPE your future purchases are a great experience! If yes then goodluck and I apologize for our disappointment...

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Dissed @ best buy

I'm very dissatisfied with waiting such a long wait @ pick up from an online order. This was even worse than the wait at Christmas time when there were actually customers in line. I was the only person picking up & there were only a few customers in the whole store. felt I was being ignored even as employees knew I was there waiting to be helped. only one employee already helping another customer in a nearby dept. seemed interested in helping me by trying to contact someone else to help me. He had noticed how long I had been waiting. He was the only employee that seemed to care & seemed to be the only one there in the area that was actually working like they should. It took 20 mins. before I was helped then 10 mins. to get the product I had ordered. It had to be located then the employee had to go to the back of the store & get it & bring it to the front of the store. I was ready to walk out & go to Walmart just from waiting for so long. they had one more minute left before I would leave & that was even before I was actually helped. I feel I should have left anyway. I could have gone to Walmart, chose the product I wanted, put it in my shopping cart, checked out, & left the store in less time it took @ bestbuy pickup right at the front door! I'm completely dissatisfied. This will affect future purchases.
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We get it already: you're a huge piece of ***. You say you're a manager for a place like Best Buy, so I guess it's a good fit.


I do love men. how did you know this?

I love drugs too, are you gonna criticize me for that next? screw all of you, I'm going to go cry to my boyfriend.


dissedme loves men.


this whole post was fake


you must be up for wiping it f atbruce


Your childish behavior probably gave the employees a good story to tell in the break room. The good old "I'm going to Wal-Mart if you don't wipe my *** song and dance. Good luck finding someone to wipe your *** at Wally World.


hello dissedme


shut up youself *** hater


shut up disssedme


Don Juan Douch

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Best Buy Customer Care

Geek squad killed my ps3 | Best Buy review from Atlanta, Georgia

my dad just got a new 3d tv and geek squad set it up well i got home from a few days away and tryed to log on to netflix and hulu plus from my ps3 and no internet connection i have tried everything i could find online to fix it but to no avail the only thing different than when i left to when i got back was that geek squad came and hooked up the tv and messed with the router to get the internet hooked up on dads new tv so i'm not really sure what to do now we called them and they said their not resonsible so what do i do now
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Eat ***


"what do I do now"..... How about some physical activity based on your user name. Reviewing 3rd grade level grammar would also be a good idea based on your post.

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BEST BUY 424 bullied me into geek squad services

I was shopping the other day at Best Buy in Gainesville, FL Store 424. I dont know a whole lot about computers but I know that if a computer is already opened they should not be able to sell it as new let alone charge 100 dollars more for geek squad tech support package deal. My associate a guy named Rob found the computer that I liked. Apparently the only ones available had the super special geek squad pre setup service that they called Tech Support. I was forced to purchase this added service that I did not want or I could leave. He said that to me, to my face. Tried telling me that I am going to get this, and that and all of the bells and whistles and I finally balked after my total purchase was going to be over 1000 dollars even though my computer was only supposed to be 499.99. Is it not enough for his manager and that store for me to buy the computer. Why do you train your salesmen to bully people into getting some pre setup tech support package. Whats even better is after I left him, I found some employee in the instruments section and asked if he could find the computer for me. He found 7 that were not pre setup!!! So not only did the computer salesman tried to steal my money, he blatantly lied to my face. The business practice of selling open items as new should come to a stop and I will get my brother to investigate this store and the company for illegal business practices.
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What a ***!!! Gets bullied by some part time high school nerd. Grow a pair


What a ***!!! Gets bullied by some part time high school nerd. Grow a pair

Sterling H

If you had invested the same amount of time in doing your research,instead of writing this blog, well, you would'nt have had to write this blog.Lessened learned.No go and suck your thumb . . .you big "baby."


I didnt buy the computer. Just remarking on how they tried to force me to buy all of their stuff.


just search on here for best buy, you will see how they treat people. Personally I wouldnt buy chit from BB.


I have no idea how Best Buy opens a computer, uses it, and then can turn around and sell it as new. If the computer isn't FACTORY SEALED, it is a pass.

I wouldn't pay $1 for a computer that the geek squad had their *** hands on.

I'm sorry, but I laugh my *** off when I hear people not only buy those computers, but pay extra!?!

It's a blantant scam that Best Buy will continue to push on people as long as suckers like you keep buying it. Any time you find yourself in Best Buy, you should turn around, walk out of the store, and visit


And the computer isn't considered a open item if best buy opened the box to install software on the computer like anti virus. should he have told you that was the last one when in fact there was 7 more with out the Tech support no your right about that.but with a simple i dont want it i want the 499.99 price that's it the computer would have been given to you.If you decided to pay for all "the bells and whistles"then your the dumb *** for falling for the sales pitch at the end of the day hes a sales man and his job is to sell you everything.

If you go to a dealership will they not sell you all the "bells and whistles" on a vehicle same thing at this store same job. Stop complaining


You weren't forced to do anything. You didn't have to buy the computer. You could've purchased a computer from another store.

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Best Buy will not replace 4 day old defective LCD TV

My son bought a Dynex 24" LCD on black friday. He brought it home, plugged it in and a vertical red line appeared on the right side of the screen. We re-set the factory settings no change. My son then calls the closest Best Buy and they tell him they have a unit in stock for replacement. Well guess what? When we get to the store, no they don't have a replacement (they can't find the unit the computer system tells them is there). Worse yet no store anywhere in the district had a replacement nor were any expected to be back ordered. So the stink squad then tells us that we can send it in but if the repairs cost more than the price my son paid $79.99 then they would junk it and there would be no replacement. In talking to tech folks I trust they believe the screen is defective and the replacement cost would be more than the price my son paid. So my son has a 5 day old defective TV and Best Buy basically will not replace it!!!!!! And to add to the misery the amount they will credit him will not cover any replacement they have today.
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leah h

thrty day return policy... oh and actually extended return policy until january 24th if purchased after 11/22?

i believe was the date... they have to give you your money back if they dont have the tv in stock. as for black friday deals there are only so many of those tvs alotted to each store..

once gone, they are done. take a refund.

Alan C

Best Buy has a legal obligation to replace the defective product within the stated return policy period. Anything less is fraud.

Contact your State Attorney General and your local BBB.

BTW, Dynex is the BBY house brand.

They get unlimited credit for these. Just poor store management.


To Anon: Since you are trying the non-evil side of BB, we tried our cool on that return visit. We were told in no un-certain terms that there was no supply in any store in Atlanta and nothing in the DC, with no plans to restock the unit.

So, waiting for inventory was not going to work. I am in the computer business and have dealt with major LCD suppliers in the past. I know by experience there are defects, but again if this had happened 6 months out I would have a different perspective, 4 days out then my perspective is replace it.

Sadly your comments came late to the party.

You just announced your quarterly earnings and gee guess what they were down again. Poor customer service will always give the results you don't want as a big box retailer.


I'm sure they would have been more than willing to accept your extra cash at the register on BF, if you'd decided to purchase the protection plan, though. :roll

Defective TVs are not uncommon, but sometimes it takes a better employee to stand up for the customer, at times like these. Sadly, as you have no doubt witnessed by "Manager At Best Buy" and his concern for your continued business, customer satisfaction plays a poor second when it comes to deep cost reductions on Black Friday sales items.

That not withstanding, every item has an expressed manufacturer's warranty, and a certain timeframe and circumstances under which that warranty is in force. You'll notice there is no asterisk informing you that Black Friday is not included...although, some people would have you think that.

The best thing to do, is simply wait until a time (within those 30 days of purchase) when that unit is, once again, back in stock. At this point, and problems you might have can be addressed at the customer service counter, with only some slight engagement from the customer care people, if that becomes necessary. But, even if it comes to that, chances are VERY GOOD that your exchange will be accepted that day. All you have to do is keep your cool, and explain you did not get what you bargained all works out!


simon replies to most of best buy complaints. He works for best buy. check it out


Simon: I get specials. But that is no excuse for something that is 4 days old to not be replaced.

Would you buy any item at a special price and be happy if it is defective that you the consumer have to go through the process of getting your money back.

Saying it's black friday is not an excuse if you are a retail organization that values customer service.

The sad part is that best buy will go the way of circuit city. You reap what you sow.


That is the risk you run on Black Friday. If you happen to get a doorbuster and it is defective, you will only receive a refund, not a replacement.

Best Buy, Target, Sears, Wal-Mart, Toys-R-Us and just about any other store I can think of do it the same way.


Many people wait until Black Friday to purchase items at an affordable price. Your sentiment helps explain why some refer to the store as "Worst Buy." It seems only fair to offer a comparable replacement since the CUSTOMER probably expended considerable effort to acquire it at the price paid.

The inefficiency of the computer system is no excuse.

BB had plenty of time to prepare. This type of experience reflects why many consumers have migrated to online shopping for their electronic purchases.


To So sad and Manager at Best Buy. No wonder you are losing market share if your attitude is deal with it.

As a consumer I assume you have units to replace regardless of whether it's black friday or the middle of august. Your lack of customer service reflects in your poor attitude. You obviously don't get it, with your *** attitude we probably will get the refund and spend the money somewhere else. So best buy then loses.

Is that your business model?

You treat your customers shoddy they go somewhere else. Big box stores do not rule the market anymore.


You bought an item on the busiest day of the year. Most Black Friday items sold by companies are one offs they don't plan on selling again. get a refund and get over it.

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Best Buy Replacement

Could not order online sales | Best Buy review from Atlanta, Georgia

I'm a silver card holder with Best Buy..they sent me an email allowing me to order online three days before black friday. The only problem is i waited 25 minutes online got a person who said he was having problems with his software and would transfer me..of course it disconnected...i called back and after waiting another 25 minutes it disconnected again..for the rest of the day every time i called back i got a busy signal...I never could get them online again....I went to the store closest to me and the manager of the store didn't even know anything about the early online sale and told me their wasn't anything she could i missed out on the computer i wanted on sale.
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What The, you must have me confused with someone else..this is the first time i've ever blogged about anything. :p


Are you sure you aren't a woman, Glasman,'cause you sure do b itch a lot over a lot of different sites. :p


Hey So*rew you..


You like thousands of others missed out on the Black Friday items they wanted. Get over it.

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#278005 Review #278005 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Best Buy worst company ever- That is saying a lo now adays

As I sit here holding my breath waiting for the Best Buy Store Manager to get back to me, (funny that the store acting mgr told me he would not be in till tuesday) I figured I would post something to see how long it would take for them to pull it off. Once done here I will be posting on the MANY, MANY Best Buy sucks websites if not satisfied. Issue: Bought a laptop from Best Buy and it froze on the 17th day. Just 3 days out of the 14 day return policy. 1st they tell me it will take 2+ weeks to send back and get fixed. Unfortunetly that was the Good News. After simply stating that it seemed a bit silly that it will take longer to fix than I had owned it, I gave it to them because I had no other choice. I can assume because I had the crazy idea to note my displeasure they looked at it in store and told me today that in order to fix it I would need to pay an additional $130. By the way I stupidly purchased the exrtended warranty as well. There answer is that since it is most likely a virus, they will not stand by anything. I asked if it is a software issue that happens again a week after I spend the $130 what then? I was told there is nothing I could do but keep bringing it back and spending $130. So the bottom line is that I bought a $500 laptop from BB the day my old one broke because I can not be without a computer/ now here I sit 17 days later $500 poorer/ no laptop/ and held hostage forever because they will not stand by the product they sold me. You can all save the CS circle talk about how 1,00's of customers every day want you to do something outside the lines. Heard it for 2 hrs today. Here is what I promise BB if this situation is not made right. (1st let me say that this is the 1st time I have ever complained on a website about anything,I am not the guy who never complains about his food or service in a restaurant, I am just the quiet guy who will not come back). 1) I will come to your store every free moment I have when in the area and tell this story to anyone looking at computers. 2) I will tell every neighbor/member of my small group from church and for that matter anyone who will listen not to shop at BB. 3) On every sales call I am on with my reps across 5 states I will use this story as the ice-breaking small talk with customers. All this could have been avoided if the store simply re-set the computer to the factory settings which might take all of 30 seconds for free, and this story coulkd have been about me telling all the above listed people how BB went out of there way to make a bad sutuation a bit better. Seems like a pretty easy business decision to me.
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If he got a virus, best buy has nothing to do with it! it's not a defective product, the customer is the cause of the problem.

If a customer gets a virus do to neglect like Robert said and not have anti-virus, that is their fault. If they do have anti-virus but were on unsecured sites or downloading things they shouldn't, which is probably the case, then why should best buy have to deal with that? they are not obligated to fix that issue. If that were true, geek squad would have rows and rows of computers to work on, with no compensation.

You are ridiculous. Seriously.


I didn't say he sounded whiney. I said repeating this story over and over again would sound whiney and it would.

I'm fine with posting complaints, but telling anyone who will listen? It may takes several years of therapy, but the OP really needs to chalk it up to "lesson learned" and move on with his life.

I guarantee you Best Buy is moving on with theirs.

I respected your opinion also until you suggested that Best Buy is doing this for PR (hinting that I am damage control). Now I think you're a complete tool.


While I certainly respect Simon and Robert's opinions, I do not share them. In fact, hearing this story ensures I will not buy a computer at Best Buy.

I did think about your arguments, but I disagree that he sounds whiny. I think it is ridiculous to purchase a $500 item of any sort and have it last less than three weeks and then consider the person 'whiny' if they are unhappy with the state of the situation. Especially since the guy needs this computer. It is very independent-minded of someone to 'not let anyone tell them where to shop', but, in fact, I believe it is simple common sense to listen carefully to someone's experiences with a business and take it into consideration before buying something expensive there.

As I stated on another post, I was close to buying two high end appliances from Best Buy when I stumbled onto this website. More than the original complaints, it has been the responses that have most turned me off to the company. If these are employees of Best Buy, they are showing an absolute disregard for the many bad experiences at this business. I realize everyone has difficult and unreasonable customers, but I am becoming convinced through the comments that Best Buy actually hates their customers.

This could be a good moment for a competitor to jump in with another big box store. Best Buy may feel they are on top of the world right now and not have to care about their customers, but even Walmart is experiencing a downturn. If Best Buy continues to be this hostile to customers, I cannot see how they can last. I do believe this computer problem had more to do with the computer itself.

I don't think it is necessarily Best Buy's fault. However, I just don't like the tone of the responses to these complaints in the comments, and they sound as though they are coming from employees and managers of Best Buy. Note to corporate: If this is your idea of battling these complaints, it is a bad one. It doesn't look good.

It makes you seem callous. If it is employees acting on their own, perhaps Best Buy corporate needs to discuss this with their employees. It would be better if Best Buy were dealing with these unhappy customers privately in the store or when they call corporate---before they load all this onto the internet for all to see. Why aren't they taking care of these complaints??

Why does their only response appear to be waiting until the customer gives up trying to deal with them to find resolution and then slamming them when they get on the internet as a last ditch effort to voice their displeasure?? If this is Best Buy's best effort at PR, it is a dismal failure.

Perhaps it is because this company is probably run only for a select group of shareholders and has nothing to do with customer satisfaction. That can be the only explanation for what I am seeing here.


It sounds like you have a Virus. Did you use anti-virus protection.

If you are neglectful of your device and don't protect it, who should take the fall for that. Just think if you own a company, lets say you own Best Buy. Your first thing you might say is " Well If owned Best buy this would never happen" But once you see the whole picture you start realizing differently. If you have 14 day return policy and people start wanting to return thing 3 days late, then 10 days late, why not 100 days after they bought it?

People would then just be using it and returning it and never pay for anything. Honestly some people are like that. I have worked enough retail to see that. And you then customers get a virus on their computer and expect you to remove the virus for free, and you are mind you have to run a budget and labor is a concern, otherwise prices will have to increase.

So now you are removing everyones virus for free, employing lots of people to do this and you end up going out of business like ultimate electronics. Time is money, money is time. Policys are for a reason. If you went into my business and you decided you were bvetter then my policys then you dont have to shop with me.

I am not making exceptions other wise I will go out of business. Its reality. You screwed up your own computer and now you need to take responsibility. If you shopped at Target, Amazon, Walmart, you would be in the same position, except I doubt those staff are trained as well.

If you dont like it run your own Electronics company. It is life. You sound spoiled to think a company should extend their policys for you. You are lucky too that Best Buy has a Geek Squad, I bet at walmart they would tell you you were SOL because its out of policy.

Btw if you dont get your way and then post all over that Best Buy sucks, and tell this to everyone, your a little obsessed.

Certainly because you are in the wrong. Admittance is the first step.

Peace out Bro.


"1) I will come to your store every free moment I have when in the area and tell this story to anyone looking at computers."

You will be escorted from and barred from the premises.

"2) I will tell every neighbor/member of my small group from church and for that matter anyone who will listen not to shop at BB"

I have never had anyone tell me where not to shop. I would ignore them if they did.

"3) On every sales call I am on with my reps across 5 states I will use this story as the ice-breaking small talk with customers."

You will lose a lot of customers that way. The story really isn't all that interesting and you would sound really whiney repeating it all the time.

Next time you buy a computer, read the return policy and your warranty information first. Best Buy didn't make the computer, so they didn't create the problem (you probably did yourself) and they are simply following the policies outlined in your warranty information.

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#256879 Review #256879 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Best Buy offers great specials and sale prices sometimes offered in "Bundles" then refuses to give a raincheck because one of the items is not available. This has happened to me twice. Most recently (July 2011) Samsung 46" HDTV on sale with free Blue Ray player and...
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1 comment

Thats so ***. You could easily order the tv and have it delivered to your home or shipped to the store.

You still would have gotten the bundle. Any other normal person would have used this option.

if you were willing to wait with a raincheck for one to come in, why wouldnt you wait for a delivery? Makes noe sense.

#249336 Review #249336 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Best buy / false advertisement about online orders

Best buy / false advertisement about online orders
I placed an online order with best buy after about forty minutes i decided to cancel the order i had placed fro a karaoke machine it looked like a boom box and was too small that's how it appeared online. i was told that i could go online an cancel my order, i had to create a login and password on the best buy website so i went to the website and logged in the system and tried to cancel but the system says no orders under this account,therefore i sent an e-mail to customer service, after that i got on the phone to try and speak with someone before the hour was up but had no such luck i was holding on the phone for 26 minutes by that time the hour had passed. one heather answered the phone i told here i need to cancel the order she looked it up and told me that it was too late to cancel the order because i waited more than the hour time frame i told her if they had answered the phone it would have been within the hour, she said she would have to send an e-mail to another departed to cancel the order i said ok this happened on 12/10/2010. on 12/11/2010 christian called me to tell me that they can't cancel the order and that it was processed and ask her where do she see that at because i'm looking at my account online and i don't see any order i was put on hold again, she came back and said i waited longer than the hour i asked her what time is she showing i ordered the item she said she didn't know so i asked her how can you tell me it was pass the hour if you don't know the time i was put on hold again she finally came back and said i placed the order at 12:07 and i called in at 1:08 i told her if you take away the 26 minutes i called in time but she kept saying she was sorry but that didn't help me i needed my money back. she told me that the order would be shipped between December 17-23 so they have my money but want ship my order off from 7-13 days after they charged my debit card but they say the order has been processed not understanding.christian told me i had two choices one to accept the order when it's delivered and send it back or accept the order and take it into the best buy and get my money, i told christian that is not fair to the customers because we have to wait on the phone for a long time she unfortunately because of the holiday the wait time is longer or you admit that the wait time is long but i finally got to talk to someone a minute after the time allowed and there is nothing to be done, she just kept saying I'm sorry.don't fool with them.
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i went to best buy on 12/21/2010 to return the item i purchased on 12/10/2010, the online customer service told me to take the item into the store and they would give me my cash back well they didn't. i used my debit card so the money came out of my account as soon as i clicked submit order,now with debit or check after ten days you should get cash back but not at best buy my money want be put back on my card for 3-5 days. i will never again shop in there not even free.

This G

Well you're adorable when you get all internet-angry and sad face. I don't work for Best Buy.

I hate Best Buy. I would LOVE to see anyone put them out of business, seriously. If Walmart weren't such a terrible company, I'd want them to put BBY out of business.

I did have an answer: Be a more responsible shopper next time.

I.E. call your card provider and let them know of a false transaction so you don't get charged

deborah b

to the guy that think he has all the smarts,for sure you work for best buy an is a kisser for the company. i wrote it the way it was told, and if you didn't have an answer it best not to say anything at all, i have a right to return anything that my hard earned money bought if i don't want it.

and by the way best buy employee take your head out your uppity ???????? have a good day or whatever you want to have.

This G

From the way you write, you sound like a 12 year old, which would make the scenario realistic because only a 12 year old would screw this up and blame someone else for it. If you didn't want it, you shouldn't have ordered it.

You waited too long to cancel it and you got stuck with it. Be a more responsible shopper next time.

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#211216 Review #211216 is a subjective opinion of poster.