Best Buy will not replace 4 day old defective LCD TV

My son bought a Dynex 24" LCD on black friday. He brought it home, plugged it in and a vertical red line appeared on the right side of the screen. We re-set the factory settings no change. My son then calls the closest Best Buy and they tell him they have a unit in stock for replacement. Well guess what? When we get to the store, no they don't have a replacement (they can't find the unit the computer system tells them is there). Worse yet no store anywhere in the district had a replacement nor were any expected to be back ordered. So the stink squad then tells us that we can send it in but if the repairs cost more than the price my son paid $79.99 then they would junk it and there would be no replacement. In talking to tech folks I trust they believe the screen is defective and the replacement cost would be more than the price my son paid. So my son has a 5 day old defective TV and Best Buy basically will not replace it!!!!!! And to add to the misery the amount they will credit him will not cover any replacement they have today.
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leah h

thrty day return policy... oh and actually extended return policy until january 24th if purchased after 11/22?

i believe was the date... they have to give you your money back if they dont have the tv in stock. as for black friday deals there are only so many of those tvs alotted to each store..

once gone, they are done. take a refund.

Alan C

Best Buy has a legal obligation to replace the defective product within the stated return policy period. Anything less is fraud.

Contact your State Attorney General and your local BBB.

BTW, Dynex is the BBY house brand.

They get unlimited credit for these. Just poor store management.


To Anon: Since you are trying the non-evil side of BB, we tried our cool on that return visit. We were told in no un-certain terms that there was no supply in any store in Atlanta and nothing in the DC, with no plans to restock the unit.

So, waiting for inventory was not going to work. I am in the computer business and have dealt with major LCD suppliers in the past. I know by experience there are defects, but again if this had happened 6 months out I would have a different perspective, 4 days out then my perspective is replace it.

Sadly your comments came late to the party.

You just announced your quarterly earnings and gee guess what they were down again. Poor customer service will always give the results you don't want as a big box retailer.


I'm sure they would have been more than willing to accept your extra cash at the register on BF, if you'd decided to purchase the protection plan, though. :roll

Defective TVs are not uncommon, but sometimes it takes a better employee to stand up for the customer, at times like these. Sadly, as you have no doubt witnessed by "Manager At Best Buy" and his concern for your continued business, customer satisfaction plays a poor second when it comes to deep cost reductions on Black Friday sales items.

That not withstanding, every item has an expressed manufacturer's warranty, and a certain timeframe and circumstances under which that warranty is in force. You'll notice there is no asterisk informing you that Black Friday is not included...although, some people would have you think that.

The best thing to do, is simply wait until a time (within those 30 days of purchase) when that unit is, once again, back in stock. At this point, and problems you might have can be addressed at the customer service counter, with only some slight engagement from the customer care people, if that becomes necessary. But, even if it comes to that, chances are VERY GOOD that your exchange will be accepted that day. All you have to do is keep your cool, and explain you did not get what you bargained all works out!


simon replies to most of best buy complaints. He works for best buy. check it out


Simon: I get specials. But that is no excuse for something that is 4 days old to not be replaced.

Would you buy any item at a special price and be happy if it is defective that you the consumer have to go through the process of getting your money back.

Saying it's black friday is not an excuse if you are a retail organization that values customer service.

The sad part is that best buy will go the way of circuit city. You reap what you sow.


That is the risk you run on Black Friday. If you happen to get a doorbuster and it is defective, you will only receive a refund, not a replacement.

Best Buy, Target, Sears, Wal-Mart, Toys-R-Us and just about any other store I can think of do it the same way.


Many people wait until Black Friday to purchase items at an affordable price. Your sentiment helps explain why some refer to the store as "Worst Buy." It seems only fair to offer a comparable replacement since the CUSTOMER probably expended considerable effort to acquire it at the price paid.

The inefficiency of the computer system is no excuse.

BB had plenty of time to prepare. This type of experience reflects why many consumers have migrated to online shopping for their electronic purchases.


To So sad and Manager at Best Buy. No wonder you are losing market share if your attitude is deal with it.

As a consumer I assume you have units to replace regardless of whether it's black friday or the middle of august. Your lack of customer service reflects in your poor attitude. You obviously don't get it, with your *** attitude we probably will get the refund and spend the money somewhere else. So best buy then loses.

Is that your business model?

You treat your customers shoddy they go somewhere else. Big box stores do not rule the market anymore.


You bought an item on the busiest day of the year. Most Black Friday items sold by companies are one offs they don't plan on selling again. get a refund and get over it.


it was a one time purchase as a were shopping on Black Friday the BUSIEST shopping day of the year! The computer system is slower to the inventory levels on that day. Take you money back and deal with it!

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