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Stupidest BEST BUY deal of the 21st century.

Bought a "refurbished" laptop, in the box was the computer and a plug, no papers, no instructions, no specs. A paper said to go online for instructions, the laptop is discontinued so there are no instructions available, nothing available, I cannot even find out what features it has, I would have to guess at how to use it, and at the Best Buy page I bookmarked for the computer... has disappeared. The model # doesn't exist now because they have discontinued the item. "say what???" This is the stupidest deal I have ever ever seen. I have used Best Buy for years, never ever again. What a *** deal!!!
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This is a case of consumer education. The last 4 desktops, 5 monitors, and 3 laptops, have all been refurbished units (most from Woot or Moofi).

All work great. I research first online to see if I can find the manuals, firmware, updates before purchasing. In all cases, the discontinued products are still available, but in a different area in the support site.

One only needs to spend a little time. That is, unless it's a laptop/desktop made by Joe's fly-by-night!

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Warn the USA about the stupidest deal of this century and the bother of having to spend time on the phone to return this, go to the post office pay for the return and pick out another computer and another company to buy from other than BEST BUY.

Best Buy - Computing Back Office Department ***

I purchased a Mac Air on on sales tax holiday. But the item is not available to pick up at that time. After one week, I received an email from bestbuy said that my order has been cancelled. I called the computing back office department three times and tried to replace my order at the same price without sales taxes. Every time after negotiate for a long time, they agreed to offer me the same deal. But when I gave credit card number, they just repeat a wrong number again and again and then cut my line. This is the most terrible customer service I ever had. I have four bars signal. They disconnected my call again and again and tried to make me think its my signal problem. I called the customer service to solve problem not to make the problem worse.
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Best Buy in Atlanta, Georgia - Black Firday Bait & Switch on computer package

ok well I just noticed that I fell victim to a bait & switch scam by Best Buy. I received a ticket for that exact package and received something else entirely. This package is advertised at $499 /> I decided to buy that package and after waiting for over 5 hours online I received a ticket for that package. What I was actually sold was different. I was sold a crappier computer with the same monitor under the guise of a doorbuster deal. Here is what I received /> Again, here is what I was expecting and what I still want. /> Do I have any reproach here or was I blatantly scammed?
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If you paid by credit card (obviously) call back and tell them to cancel the order. Tell them that you will file a complaint with the GA State's Attorney's Office accusing Best Buy with the bait and switch if they send you the wrong package.

Also you have recourse with your credit card company.

The Dec 2012 issue of CONSUMERS REPORT rates retailers on page 25. Best Buy is at the bottom.

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Best Buy LIES!

We purchased a frig and 5 year extended warranty from Best Buy in 2001- it had a defect and it was replaced with an LG. We were told the extended warranty continued to the LG. The LG was a lemon and required constant service and should have been replaced under the lemon law (was serviced at least a half dozen times). LIE #1 Best Buy serviced it for 18 months and then I was denied service stating the extended warranty did NOT cover the replacement. I fought Best Buy and even LG for 3 years and finally filed a complaint to Consumer Affairs. I swore I would never deal with Best Buy again. LIE #2 Best Buy responded to Consumer Affairs and stated they honored the terms of the extended warranty. I called the person at Best Buy who wrote the response letter to Consumer Affairs and gave him my phone logs of every call to Best Buy for service, and told him I was denied service less than 3 years into the original warranty. Best Buy gave me a Gift Card for the cost of the frig, but would not give me a check. I tried to sell the Gift Card for it's value without success. So we went to Best Buy and picked a frig and financed the balance through BB credit. It was an "Open Box", and the french doors were not aligned properly. The salesperson told us that the offset doors was a leveling issue and would be fixed by the installers. LIE #3 When the frig was delivered, the installers said there was nothing they could do about the mis-aligned doors. The french doors didn't work in our kitchen as we have a wall on the right side, preventing it from opening all the way. I researched online for replacements and we went back to Best Buy with five different models selected. Best Buy was unable to get any of them even though they carried other models by the same manufacturer. The only other model they carried was LG which we did not want after the last purchase. I asked our salesperson (Brad) if Best Buy was unable to get a frig of our choice and in light of our use of a Gift Card, how would a refund be handled? The employee told me that a "refund check" would be mailed to us within TWO DAYS of the return of the frig. Not taking any chances, I called Best Buy the next day and spoke to a different salesperson (Jose) for a "second opinion" since I didn't trust Best Buy any longer. I described our use of a Gift Card in the purchase and asked specifically about how the refund would be given back to me. Jose told me that a "refund check" would be issued TWO DAYS after the return of the frig. I figured with two identical statements, it would be safe to purchase our frig from another vendor. I scheduled our new frig to be delivered on July 23rd. I scheduled our Best Buy frig to be picked up on the 24th. I called Best Buy credit and informed them of the pick up and the time frame given by Best Buy for a credit. LIE #4 Today is August 7th (2 weeks later) and no refund check and no credit issued to the credit card company. I called Best Buy and asked Brad the salesperson where is my check and credit. He said he had been real busy, there were computer issues, yada yada. He said he would get to it today and get the "Gift Card" issued. LIE #5 I reminded him of what he told me as well as Jose. He said he didn't know if that was possible and put me on hold, but didn't come back on. I called back and spoke with the store manager, Mike Solomon, who said a gift card refund is "store policy" regardless of what I was told. I called Best Buy Corporate Customer Relations and spoke to Jean & Dana, who said "sorry, pay with a gift card, get a gift card back. The card doesn't have any value so we can't issue you a check". Strangely, it had value when we purchased. I filed another complaint with Consumer Affairs. I will again try to sell the Gift Card at less than face value and try to take Best Buy to court for whatever I was shorted. So now I have a bill for another frig and a Best Buy Gift Card that I will NEVER use. I'm done with Best Buy. I'm tired of their lies.
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