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Best buy / false advertisement about online orders

Best buy / false advertisement about online orders
I placed an online order with best buy after about forty minutes i decided to cancel the order i had placed fro a karaoke machine it looked like a boom box and was too small that's how it appeared online. i was told that i could go online an cancel my order, i had to create a login and password on the best buy website so i went to the website and logged in the system and tried to cancel but the system says no orders under this account,therefore i sent an e-mail to customer service, after that i got on the phone to try and speak with someone before the hour was up but had no such luck i was holding on the phone for 26 minutes by that time the hour had passed. one heather answered the phone i told here i need to cancel the order she looked it up and told me that it was too late to cancel the order because i waited more than the hour time frame i told her if they had answered the phone it would have been within the hour, she said she would have to send an e-mail to another departed to cancel the order i said ok this happened on 12/10/2010. on 12/11/2010 christian called me to tell me that they can't cancel the order and that it was processed and ask her where do she see that at because i'm looking at my account online and i don't see any order i was put on hold again, she came back and said i waited longer than the hour i asked her what time is she showing i ordered the item she said she didn't know so i asked her how can you tell me it was pass the hour if you don't know the time i was put on hold again she finally came back and said i placed the order at 12:07 and i called in at 1:08 i told her if you take away the 26 minutes i called in time but she kept saying she was sorry but that didn't help me i needed my money back. she told me that the order would be shipped between December 17-23 so they have my money but want ship my order off from 7-13 days after they charged my debit card but they say the order has been processed not understanding.christian told me i had two choices one to accept the order when it's delivered and send it back or accept the order and take it into the best buy and get my money, i told christian that is not fair to the customers because we have to wait on the phone for a long time she unfortunately because of the holiday the wait time is longer or you admit that the wait time is long but i finally got to talk to someone a minute after the time allowed and there is nothing to be done, she just kept saying I'm sorry.don't fool with them.
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i went to best buy on 12/21/2010 to return the item i purchased on 12/10/2010, the online customer service told me to take the item into the store and they would give me my cash back well they didn't. i used my debit card so the money came out of my account as soon as i clicked submit order,now with debit or check after ten days you should get cash back but not at best buy my money want be put back on my card for 3-5 days. i will never again shop in there not even free.

This G

Well you're adorable when you get all internet-angry and sad face. I don't work for Best Buy.

I hate Best Buy. I would LOVE to see anyone put them out of business, seriously. If Walmart weren't such a terrible company, I'd want them to put BBY out of business.

I did have an answer: Be a more responsible shopper next time.

I.E. call your card provider and let them know of a false transaction so you don't get charged

deborah b

to the guy that think he has all the smarts,for sure you work for best buy an is a kisser for the company. i wrote it the way it was told, and if you didn't have an answer it best not to say anything at all, i have a right to return anything that my hard earned money bought if i don't want it.

and by the way best buy employee take your head out your uppity ???????? have a good day or whatever you want to have.

This G

From the way you write, you sound like a 12 year old, which would make the scenario realistic because only a 12 year old would screw this up and blame someone else for it. If you didn't want it, you shouldn't have ordered it.

You waited too long to cancel it and you got stuck with it. Be a more responsible shopper next time.

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