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carried laptop to bestbuy to be fixed, didnt fix what was wrong with it. took it back they couldnt fix it. there answer was to bring it back a third time, let them reboot it. i paid 140.00 for them not to fix it.if i wanted it rebooted i can do it myself. asked for my money back, would not give it back. will take it somewhere else next time.will pay off my bestbuy card and not spent anymore money there.they have good products there,but they need to train there repair tecs better.if they wanted my busness they should work with me instead of treating me as if i dont know anything. roger clements
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this is way I would go to a small shop ( I used to manage one). you can speak directly to the tech or the owner.

as for laptops did you know that many large places like this don't take laptops apart and fix them?

they send them out. We were a very small shop but did all of our own repairs.


first off it's COMPUTER.

Then if they suck soooo bad like you say then why were YOU not able to fix it? How can you judge a service as being bad when you can't even say what is wrong with it in the first place?

Please take your computer out in to the street and smash it. You are obviously too *** to own or run one.

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Best Buy in Acworth,GA

I am the ultimate fan of best buy, buy everything there. But people should think twice before they purchas anything from the one in Acworth, Georgia. We recently mad a substantial puchase of well over a grand there and were completely ignored by the staff. Not just two or three but everyone. I had to wait over an hour for someone to help me and was told that I was not top priority since a couple of staff members decided not to show up. There were only 4 other customers in the store at the time since it was about 4 in the afternoon on a weekday. And when I hit boiling point and demanded the manager, I was call and impatient *** as I walked away. This is the closest store to my house but I will never go there again. I might suggest the company take a serious look at the staff of douches it employs at this location. You might think that someone who makes commission would be more willing to be consumer friendly.
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I have dealt with a few of the best buy stores in the raleigh,garner,jacksonville area,and i agree with the person who said he will never return and purchase another item from them.

I wont spend another red cent in best buy, their are too many choices with better deals,service,customer service,and ones that stand behind the products they sell.

If you want to waste your money and have pure havoc trying to get them to stand behind their products,extended warranties then go for it. Not me; never again,they are a total joke,and a true ripoff.

Got burned once by them and not again.

Meldon R

Unfortunately for the staff at that particular Best Buy, you'll be back.


I one hundred percent agree with "ferrari599". Also, Best Buy employees don't work off of commission.

I also doubt that Best Buy misses your business, sooner or later you will have to return. Where else are you going to buy electronics, Circuit City?

LOL. I mean there is always Brandsmart and possibly Fry's but neither carry the same selection and aren't as widespread as Best Buy.


You are an *** and totally full of yourself. Don't rate the store badly because they didn't bend over for you just because you want to spend a lousy thousand dollars in a store that processes five thousand dollar transactions about every half hour due to the fact that you are impatient.

I also know for a fact that no one there would ever tell you that you were not TOP PRIORITY, they probably told you to hold your *** for a minute while they deal with people that were probably there before your ***. Also, please consider that sometimes employees have more work to do than just helping out customers in the store, on many occasions there are transactions and delivery orders to process after customers have left so please don't act so knowledgeable about a company that you apparently know little about and don't get upset when employees don't bow down to your every little need. Best Buy does not work that way. Being that I am probably one of the wealthiest people in North Georgia and I don't go into Best Buy with even half of your attitude, I think that you can suffer a little wait time as well ;).

Other than idiots like you that shop there, this store is amazing.

It is always very clean, always has a great inventory, helpful employees, and competitive pricing. Just feel bad that companies have to deal with *** like you.

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Best Buy Manager

Best Buy LIES!

We purchased a frig and 5 year extended warranty from Best Buy in 2001- it had a defect and it was replaced with an LG. We were told the extended warranty continued to the LG. The LG was a lemon and required constant service and should have been replaced under the lemon law (was serviced at least a half dozen times). LIE #1 Best Buy serviced it for 18 months and then I was denied service stating the extended warranty did NOT cover the replacement. I fought Best Buy and even LG for 3 years and finally filed a complaint to Consumer Affairs. I swore I would never deal with Best Buy again. LIE #2 Best Buy responded to Consumer Affairs and stated they honored the terms of the extended warranty. I called the person at Best Buy who wrote the response letter to Consumer Affairs and gave him my phone logs of every call to Best Buy for service, and told him I was denied service less than 3 years into the original warranty. Best Buy gave me a Gift Card for the cost of the frig, but would not give me a check. I tried to sell the Gift Card for it's value without success. So we went to Best Buy and picked a frig and financed the balance through BB credit. It was an "Open Box", and the french doors were not aligned properly. The salesperson told us that the offset doors was a leveling issue and would be fixed by the installers. LIE #3 When the frig was delivered, the installers said there was nothing they could do about the mis-aligned doors. The french doors didn't work in our kitchen as we have a wall on the right side, preventing it from opening all the way. I researched online for replacements and we went back to Best Buy with five different models selected. Best Buy was unable to get any of them even though they carried other models by the same manufacturer. The only other model they carried was LG which we did not want after the last purchase. I asked our salesperson (Brad) if Best Buy was unable to get a frig of our choice and in light of our use of a Gift Card, how would a refund be handled? The employee told me that a "refund check" would be mailed to us within TWO DAYS of the return of the frig. Not taking any chances, I called Best Buy the next day and spoke to a different salesperson (Jose) for a "second opinion" since I didn't trust Best Buy any longer. I described our use of a Gift Card in the purchase and asked specifically about how the refund would be given back to me. Jose told me that a "refund check" would be issued TWO DAYS after the return of the frig. I figured with two identical statements, it would be safe to purchase our frig from another vendor. I scheduled our new frig to be delivered on July 23rd. I scheduled our Best Buy frig to be picked up on the 24th. I called Best Buy credit and informed them of the pick up and the time frame given by Best Buy for a credit. LIE #4 Today is August 7th (2 weeks later) and no refund check and no credit issued to the credit card company. I called Best Buy and asked Brad the salesperson where is my check and credit. He said he had been real busy, there were computer issues, yada yada. He said he would get to it today and get the "Gift Card" issued. LIE #5 I reminded him of what he told me as well as Jose. He said he didn't know if that was possible and put me on hold, but didn't come back on. I called back and spoke with the store manager, Mike Solomon, who said a gift card refund is "store policy" regardless of what I was told. I called Best Buy Corporate Customer Relations and spoke to Jean & Dana, who said "sorry, pay with a gift card, get a gift card back. The card doesn't have any value so we can't issue you a check". Strangely, it had value when we purchased. I filed another complaint with Consumer Affairs. I will again try to sell the Gift Card at less than face value and try to take Best Buy to court for whatever I was shorted. So now I have a bill for another frig and a Best Buy Gift Card that I will NEVER use. I'm done with Best Buy. I'm tired of their lies.
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Best Buy Deal