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Phone Repair Contract Review

All best buy does is rip people off that's just what they do they got me on a phone repair contract and when I took it to be fixed I was told it would cost me 150$ to fix even no I pay every month for a repair contract that states that it will cost nothing to repair just a 50$ deposit on a loaner phone if needed they broke there contract and I was told they would do nothing about it and when I asked to talk to the head office about it I was told to leave the store under threat of arrest
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Sorry Customer Service | Best Buy review from Canton, Georgia

I went to Best Buy store #1186 in Canton GA. The employees I dealt with did not listen to my needs, and I ended up coming home with things I didn't need. I asked pointed questions, but I got wrong answers. It took me about an hour just to go through the checkout process. I got an attitude from employees when I wanted to return something. I was getting so frustrated my husband threatened to bring back everything we bought, and get a refund. An employee finally helped me with the return I made. This whole experience has left me with no desire to buy anything from Best Buy again.
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It sounds like shopping isn't for you. Best you stay home next time.


Aren't you the helpful one?????


P.S If my husband had hit me because I brought the wrong items it would be their fault not mine since they purposely gave the wrong items.


No, that would be your husband's fault for being a troglodyte.

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I pre-ordered the HTC One on 4/5. It was released on 4/19. It's the evening of 4/22 and my order is STILL being processed! I called customer service and they were nonchalant! This is horrible customer service. They put on this whole charade about pre-ordering and then...
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I ordered an IPHONE6 in the store and received an email the next day telling me it was ready for pick up and if I did not pick it up by that evening the order would be canceled. When I arrived at the store I was told the phone was not actually there, its just how the orders are processed in their system. I was told the phones estimated delivery date was not for another two weeks.

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No help in the store? The solution is place a phone order while standing in front the customer service person | Best Buy review from Snellville, Georgia

I went to the snellville, store in gwinnette county Ga. Prior to going to the store I call for info on a laptop computer. I was invited to place the order on the phone but I declined because I wanted to shop around. After spending 1 hour trying to get help from someone I did the ridiculous, while in the store I got on the phone, and was able to place the order, while standing about 100 ft from the employee, I asked him when could I pick it up? Then waved to him and said am right here. This snellville bestbuy is the worse for help in the store, dont go there,
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*waving" "I'm right here you ***. Now watch as I make my way out the door to Target."

Kudos, sir. I bet that 'salesman' felt 2 inches tall like he should have.


On one visit to a local BB store (about 5 or 6 years ago - and one of my last), I was having a difficult time finding help. I noticed a group of blue shirts, about 5 or 6 grouped together (called a blue-gaggle) chatting obviously enjoying themselves.

I walk by them and one asked if I needed help. I responded with a firm tone "Why are you grouped together and not at your posts?". They immediately broke apart going to there respective areas - including the one that asked if I needed help! It was so funny to see the looks on there faces!

I was just a customer - but they didn't know that! :grin

I see this often. They may get bord, but it's up to them to find things to do.

Good thing they don't work for me. Cuz they wouldn't be working for me long.


That's hilarious! Good job

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Best Buy - Computing Back Office Department ***

I purchased a Mac Air on on sales tax holiday. But the item is not available to pick up at that time. After one week, I received an email from bestbuy said that my order has been cancelled. I called the computing back office department three times and tried to replace my order at the same price without sales taxes. Every time after negotiate for a long time, they agreed to offer me the same deal. But when I gave credit card number, they just repeat a wrong number again and again and then cut my line. This is the most terrible customer service I ever had. I have four bars signal. They disconnected my call again and again and tried to make me think its my signal problem. I called the customer service to solve problem not to make the problem worse.
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Best Buy Deal
  • Mac Air
I ordered laptop online...found it cheaper...checked...Best Buy had NOT processed order...I cancelled order...per BB's protocol...bought other computer. BB sent cancelled order anyway...charged my bank ($948.75). I am now overdrawn...returned BB computer...was...
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never will I use payal at bestbuy on day 14 of my money being held blames paypal and paypal blames bestbuy...

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Called Store Spoke to Geek SQUAD Adviced him I purchased A TV on 02/03/2012 today was 03/17/2012 sound wasnt working on tv less than 2 months old. Was told to bring it in for a refund exchange spoke with agent JC.. Even Told Me They Could Do a Over Ride. Well Stephanie Comes Out The Low end Manager and says its past 30 return.. Sorry... I asked For A STORE MANAGER SHE TOLD ME HE WASNT WORKING TODAY... Walked OFF FOUND THE STORE MANAGER 2 MINUTES LATER!!!!!! SHE LIED TO A CUSTOMER@!!!!! IRRATED THIS IS THE SECOND PURCHASE IVE BEEN BURNED ON... SEE YOU IN COURT BEST BUY!!! :) BURN ME ONCE SHAME ON ME BURN ME TWICE SHAME ON YOU...
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For those of you who don't understand...Best Buy has a 30 day return period on TVs, even if you purchased it online, you can return it to the store. If it's PAST 30 days, then it falls within whatever the manufacturer's warranty states for service.

In this case, that warranty is 2 YEARS. The important words to remember are DEFECTS IN MANUFACTURER'S WORKMANSHIP. Those four little words are very important! That means, that if your TV fails for whatever the covered reason, that's what THEY have to cover.

If your dog chewed through the cable, you spilled your wine on top, you dropped it, Billy cracked the screen with a bat...those things ARE NOT covered! But, anything having to do with what is reasonably expected with the operation of the TV is covered by warranty! A price match has nothing to do with it...having another one in stock has nothing to do with it! From your date of purchase (or, from the date you physically too delivery, if it's an item that had to be delivered) that unit is covered for 365 days (times two, for this one!) under the terms of that warranty!

Now, should you decide to purchase any additional warranties (Geek Squad Plans), it may augment or cover certain other issues not covered by the manufacturer's warranty (power surge issues, etc), but it can NOT precede nor supersede that manufacturer's warranty!

Now, in THIS particular case, had this customer kept his head about him, the store (at it's discretion) CAN choose to a) replace the unit, outright...b) exchange the defective unit for another of the same make/model...c) allow the customer to upgrade into a better/perception or not OR different set altogether!

You can believe me or not, but I worked for Best Buy (on their sales floor, in multiple departments, in multiple stores, in multiple states) for twenty years, so I think I'm pretty qualified to know what I'm talking about. And as far as the "I WAS LIED TO" defense goes? MEH!

Store Managers have a lot of things on their plates, and they have assistant managers and department managers to handle the issues in their departments.

For any customer to actually be able to corner one of these rare birds at any given time is EXTREMELY rare...and, usually, they are going to ask the department manager's for their input, anyway!

Still...I'd be interested to know how it all worked out for you.


You would know where to go to find knee pads that are on sale wouldn't you, Dustinwayne?


You do realize that best buy does not make the products that are for sell in their store right? Your Samsung or Sony TV doesn't say Best Buy, it has the name of the manufacturer on it.

That's why products have a 1 year manufacturers warranty and additional warranties are offered at the time of purchase. To the other comments on here.... REALLY? Are you fu#&king kidding me????

Contacting the attorney general and consumer rights protection over something so ***. What would they protect you from? Having common sense? It's an epidemic of stupidity on here.

That is the very definition of a frivolous law suit. Good luck.


I hope you win your case against this unethical company. They could only be describes as dishonest.They tell you one thing and when its time to honor the agreement they fine the fine print.

I hope they go out of business soon.

i will be happy to see them close. WORSTBUY


this Dustin guy is a complete ***. he'll take Best Buy to court and forget what's even going on.


File complaints with the BBB,FTC and the Attorney General in your state. One of these may be able to help you with the Best Buy problem. I guess best Buy thinks they are above the law.


Have you contact the ATTORNEY GENERAL (Consumer Rigths Proection )?

You may have a rights under the Lemon term

Also Bestbuy has been build a reputation of constantly violating Consumer Rights.

Best Buy must inform you, that any product may have their own guaranty policy ( by brand ),which you are not entiled to buy .

Before asked you to get any warranty offered by Best Buy.


well no duh the tv broke any how it is an insignia the are the worst company look up all the complaints


dustinwayne2010 ,

I hope you do take Best Buy to court and win your $80 - that way you'll only have $1920 to spend in lawyer fees instead of $2000.

Alan C

OP I would love to back you but i can't. Past the 30 day return policy stated everywhere.

What one *** employee says on the phone is irrelevant. You're under mfr warranty and BBY is NOT an authorized repair center for any mfr. Under GS plans, the only thing they do is send products out to a repair facility.

If you sue you will lose hands down. Use the mfr warranty and contact them.

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Insignia Blue Ray Player | Best Buy review from Atlanta, Georgia

Insignia is no longer providing updates for many of their Blue Ray players. This is a issue since new movies require a firmware update. They stated that they will no longer support new firmware and to buy a new Insignia blue ray player. Well F them. A customer service person said that I should buy Sony products because they have better support for the products they sell. Not really sure what to do but I am planning to video me smashing it in Best Buy on the floor if they do not offer to make me whole. Never buy Insignia products.
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Yes, I bought two last year and their rep told me once they stop selling the modules they discontinue updates! As this is EVERY YEAR , this is done on purpose to force people with perfectly good DVD players to buy new!


This is the issue with products made in China/overseas... support.

If you smash it in the store they WILL arrest you for causing a public disturbance. Not worth it. If I was in a store and someone did that, I'd call the police myself - not knowing what's going on, I'd be very concerned about my safety and the safety of others with and around me.

I'd suggest videoing yourself smashing it at home with an explanation, boxing it up, taking it to the store, and calmly letting Customer service know of your displeasure, and showing them the remains. Oh, and as a bonus, they can keep them! lol

Here's a weird idea. Make a small shallow box, say 1x2 foot, fill it with a few inches of polyurethane, and place the broken pieces in it so when the poly cures it hold the pieces in place. Then you have a memento! lol


"I am planning to video me smashing it in Best Buy on the floor if they do not offer to make me whole"

Please also have someone record you going to jail shortly after.


There is nothing illegal about smashing your own property. The most they can do is ask him to leave and trespass him from the store.

Since only a mouth breathing cousin humping *** goes into BBY if ANY other options exist, this is hardly a punishment.

Thanks for being irrelevant and please be sure to GFY mmkay? :)

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Sold a Displayed Computer, won't Exchange the computer | Best Buy review from Stone Mountain, Georgia

December 22, 2012 my brother had purchased 2 televisions and 2 computer labtops. My brother gave my children the 2 laptops at Best Buy in Hoover, Alabama. The sells person gave my brother one new laptop computer and the other was a display which he had no knowledge. When we opened the gift. We saw the yellow sticker said display. I called my brother and asked if he was aware its a display and he said "NO" he had no knowledge they put a display in the box, he just assumed a new computer. December 26 2012 my mom and I went to Best Buy in Snellville, Georgia and told them this is a display and that the password on this computer we couldn't get it off in order to get into the computer.. It took Greek Squad hours to get the password off. After 2 hours we went back on December 26th to pick up the computer and the guy from Greek Squad informed me they finally got it off and I mention about my brother didn't know the other store sold him a display and he had paid full price for a display. He called his manager on duty the young woman came over and give me $31.00 dollars back but did not offer me an exchange. January 26th I came back to Best Buy with the same computer because something was wrong with the screen. This is Snellville, GA location. Geek Squad told me it was the screen and the warranty doesn't cover it and they check to see if my brother purchased accidental insurance. I told him this was a display so why can't they exchange it. The manager told me they see impact.. I told him that's a lie, there's no scratch, no bumps, no cracks, I didn't drop it.It was on a flat surface, nothing fell on top of it.. There was no impact.. Look I know that screen sometimes just go out for no reason. He telling me that's not true and he know his employees had offered me an exchange. I told him that was a lie and I had a witness with me that can tell you the same thing no one offered me an exchange. Then the manager says to me the receipt shows they gave me an exchange. I told him that is a lie because I received a 20% discount I never gotten a new computer again no one offered me a new computer. So Best Buy denied giving me a new computer.. I called ASUS and they told me Best Buy could have given me a new computer, I called them on December 27th. Now I have to send the other or the 2nd computer my brother brought only a little over 30 days and ship it to ASUS because this computer will not charge the battery.. Both of these companies I will never deal with. I've had experiences with computers but nothing like broke in 30 days and I'm suppose to have 12 month warranty.. This is ridiculous.. Never and I will tell any and everyone to never by this company computer and buy anything from BEST BUY..
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Im dealing with the same problem. I got a lawyer because vestbuy wont letme talk to the store manager so finally I get a new computer hopefully


Me, the Best Buy employees that overwhelmingly comment here do blame the customer or insult commentors that display sympathy and support to the complaintants. You are the first one that has actually purported that the complaints here are legitimate.

Your comment here indicates that you have scrupples and honesty. Unfortunately, your coworkers do not always display the same values. This is one of the significant reasons that Best Buy is having problems insuring a long lived future.

Any company would appreciate you as an employee. But I fear that Best Buy does not.


Unfortunately you accepted the $31 rather than demanding an exchange. It would have been prudent to decline the money and file a complaint with the Alabama State Attorney's Office's Consumer Protection Division.

This is not the first type of complaint against Best Buy. They also have been known to replace old equipment in new boxes and reseal. Then when the victim returns, they claim that the victimized customer is trying to "scam" the store. They were caught not long ago hosting 2 websites, one for the public and an almost identical one for their stores but with higher prices.

When a costumer would bring a printout of an item for purchase the salesman or saleswoman would "check" on the stores computer and low and behold the price would be higher. The usual "reasons" were that the price had just increased or just claim ignorance.

Best Buy employees respond here (if you have not noticed) trying to put blame on the customers. The Dec 2012 issue of CONSUMER REPORT rated retailors and Best Buy was at the bottom.


John not all of us BB employees that respond here try to blame the customers. This complaint (along with most of the ones I see on here) is legit.

I completely agree with everything else you said though.

And no, I'm not some disgruntled former employee that's just bashing the company. I work for BB right now, but I, unlike many other employees, believe in telling the truth and taking care of the customers that are the reason we all have jobs.


You found out you got a display computer, allowed them to *** the password (which is so darn easy you could have done it yourself)took it back home with you, THEN decided you wanted another one, and you can't understand why they won't exchange it? The time to push for an exchange was the initial visit, not a month later.

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Price jumps with no explanation | Best Buy review from Atlanta, Georgia

Kindle with best buy in Athens ga . Was the most unprofessional individual I have ever tried to buy a computer with . He just lost a 2k a year customer for best buy . With the $427 sale tonight . He couldn't explain why he had to add $30 to the sale . He resorted to talking to me like I was in pre k . This is not the last place I will be letting people know to avoid kindle in Athens best buy. Best buy needs to reconsider who the employ and how they train their employees it is sad that they resort to childlike tactics as a manager
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  • customer no service kindle in athe