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My one year old laptop had a bad power adaptor, bad network adaptor. Now this was covered under the warranty they sent it out to the service center and it took 3 WEEKS to get fixed, then I finally got it back and the network adaptor was still not working.

Now they told me the service center checks everything when it was there. Well they did not check the Net Adaptor, so I had to bring it back again to go back to the Best Buy again,and sent back to the service center again, now it has been 5 weeks since I have seen my laptop and I am not happy. Now I work for a school district and in the IT Dept and deal with this stuff all the time, when If have a problem with a Dell pc the said out a tech the next day and it is fixed within the hour!! Geek Squad doesn't even repair this stuff onsite what a joke.

Now the time that has passed , I could have repaired this myself and been back up and running today I am calling the store and chewing somebody's ___ out!.

Do Not Purchase any pc's or laptops from Best Buy you will be sorry!!!

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Uh... DUH!

Everyone knows GS is a ripoff. You should really do some research before doing anything.


about me: I work for the 1800 geeksquad company (Leaving in 2 weeks :D), and i hate the job, i do not support geeksquad what so ever, but i have to put my 2 cents in this, btw, im A+ certified (this means im licensed to repair comptuers)

1. Your computer is not a "Geeksquad" computer, it is a "Dell/HP/Toshiba/Whatever" computer. This means that geeksquad does not keep the parts in stock for repairs, as Dell would have ample supply at a wearhouse because it is THERE product. your complaining because it took 3 weeks? think before you talk. its not possible for geeksquad to get it fixed in 24 hourse because they are a buisness that PROFITS from fixing computers, not selling computers (thats bestbuy, and if you try to argue bestbuy should come out, then let me pre-argue that with saying "then why not tell walmart to come stitch up your sock with *** in it ***"

2. Geeksquad does support onsite fixes, but not for laptops, because each laptop is different, and htey dont only sell one brand of laptop, it may take (even an experienced) tech some trouble to get the case off, and that is not good to let the client see a strugle like that (key rule why most computer repair shops take the computer in back to look at it, not pop it open infront of the customer, its a nasty job sometimes.)

your an *** to think that geeksquad will come out and repair a laptop within the hour. the tech that comes and fixes it under warrenty is the same tech that is getting paid by repairing computers (and being paid for it)

you have to sit and wait just like everyone else for your appointment time, duh.

anyways, thats just my 2 cents.


I second that, Duh. You get what you pay for. If you shop with Best Buy you are just throwing your money down the drain because they sell defective, low quality garbage.


I honestly don't know why people don't just custom configure their computers on HP or They have sales people who can even walk you through the daunting process of buying a new computer...but really, if you must shop by price go to get what you pay for....well,'re asking to get ripped off!

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