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My one year old laptop had a bad power adaptor, bad network adaptor. Now this was covered under the warranty they sent it out to the service center and it took 3 WEEKS to get fixed, then I finally got it back and the network adaptor was still not working.

Now they told me the service center checks everything when it was there. Well they did not check the Net Adaptor, so I had to bring it back again to go back to the Best Buy again,and sent back to the service center again, now it has been 5 weeks since I have seen my laptop and I am not happy. Now I work for a school district and in the IT Dept and deal with this stuff all the time, when If have a problem with a Dell pc the said out a tech the next day and it is fixed within the hour!! Geek Squad doesn't even repair this stuff onsite what a joke.

Now the time that has passed , I could have repaired this myself and been back up and running today I am calling the store and chewing somebody's ___ out!.

Do Not Purchase any pc's or laptops from Best Buy you will be sorry!!!

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You work in IT and brought your gear to the fail squad? You Sir or Madam are fired.


GEEK SQUAD = ***'s (that think they know all) that barely made it through school to get a degree. They are a joke with no real years of experience.

Or basic common sense. They are all hype as well. I have owned a chain of PC repair stores in my region since 1996 and have had to fix their screw ups countless times. They are so dumb it's amazing!

Never talk to Kenny at the Selinsgrove Pa. Best buy if you want to avoid a true *** and waste of time. He likes to talk over you repeating his incorrect diagnosis while ignoring the obvious that was hammered into his tiny feeble brain. If you know your stuff try him out for fun.

A real ***! Actually, even if you barely know your stuff.

He will know less than you anyway! lol


ok so here is my experience with the geek squad in short... last year i brought in a dell dimension 4700 to see what they would recommend for an upgrade...

dude says buy a new computer we have lots of better ones here... i take it home, guess what, it wont turn on! so i go to another store looking at computers and i buy a nice hp... fast foward a year later im sitting here at my desk and all of a sudden my screen goes blank!, me being not so tech savvy i freak out and hit system restore...

the puter freezes up again so i had to shut it down in the middle of a restore... i know not a good idea. so i take it to a bb. dude tells me it will take 4-6 days to look at it and figure it out, i had a feeling it was my video card but who am i?

5 days later i call to see how its going they say they think it might be a virus.... what? one guy says its a video card and then another guy says its a virus... i have enough and pick up my puter...

they look at me like i had corn growing out of my ears because i guess folks just dont do that to the squad. i take it home. i decide im gonna practice on my old "dead" dell changing a video card... i open up the dell and notice there is a big group of wires unplugged from the motherboard!!!!

why in the *** would this guy do this?...

so i get the dell workin and i go buy a new video card for the hp and all is good... i cant describe what a RIPOFF and SCAM these guys really are.


I hate geek squad their cover everything warranty didn't cover the biggest thing

They *** me out of 1200 dollars :( :( :(


I hate geek squad their cover everything warranty didn't cover the biggest thing

They *** me out of 1200 dollars :( :( :(


:(GeekSquad:What a WASTE-OF-MONEY!!!....


I bought a Sony Vaio laptop a year ago from best buy. I purchased thier extended warranty and the accidental damage.

My laptop is covered under their warranty. I took it in and was told the hard drive was bad, and that they needed the recovery discs THEY made for the computer. I brought the recovery discs in. They said it should be ready to go by Monday.

Monday comes and goes with no phone call. I call them on Tuesday they said they are having problems restoring the computer, but that it should be ready on Wednesday. I get a phone call Wednesday saying the computer is fixed and ready to go. I go in and pick up the laptop and am told it's all ready to go you just need to install your anti-virus.

Get the computer home and turned on. The network card doesnt work the media reader doesnt work the touch pad doesnt work. I dont know much about computers, but this computer certaintly wasnt ready to go. Call the store and go back in they say no problem we will fix it.

Spend an hr there to be told that they had a problem with my recovery discs and just decided to install windows. So, I have no Sony software and the whole computer doesnt work right. Since they screwed up the discs they say they will over night discs from Sony to fix the computer. This was Wenesday now Tuesday of the next week they have supposeldy overnighted discs twice and cant find them.

The store lied to me and hoped they wouldnt get caught. Now I'm waiting for these recovery discs so my computer will work properly.

If they cant fix my computer that is covered under their warranty I will demand they replace it. I'm soo done with Best Buy.


Oh goodness... I just realized something...

It's probably a waste of time rubbing your noses in your own stupidity...

Cause you're already doing it to yourselves.

I bet you *** techie wannabes are chompin at the bit right now, tryin to find something witty to sling back. Haha! You guys probably jump at the chance to act pissy lil girls, why else would you come to a website for "Pissed Consumers" and rail on them?

This just took on a whole new level of humor for me!! Hahaha!!!


HAHAHAHAHAAAAHAAA!!! Whew.... Thanks guys ;)

You'd think, with all those certifications you all have under your belts, and all those feathers in your caps, that you'd be emotionally stable enough to realize it's not personal, and you'd be smart enough to conjugate complete simple sentences...

Take a deep breath tech-emo wannabes, your hands are shakin, and your keyboard is all wet! Haha!

Nothing anyone's said here changes the fact that BestBuy, AND GeekSquad's customer service is in general sub-par, and sometimes blatantly rude. Just like many other greedy, unethical, businesses here in the UCA (United Corporations of America) Try living in Salt Lake City, this moral cesspool leads the nation in white collar crime. With a big fake smile! Haha!

BestBuy has forgotten the single reason they are in business. The customers. Which implies that you'd want customers to feel they are being treated fairly, and with a common human respect, to ensure they return. Which eludes to the fact that customer service is paramount. No customers, no business... Right? Cause and effect? Which is why there are websites like this one.

Any of this gettin thru your thicky thick? Quit being so butt-hurt... Haha!


To mr I hate all, most of us that have any certification at all know this. How about you remove your head from your stuck up *** Hmm lets see I have my CCIE my CCNA MCSE MCDST A+ and more certifications than I care to list.

Get this.. I work part time at GEEK SQUAD ..why because the discount is great. My full time job is MIS at a regional hospital. So my friend I challenge you.

Lets go geek for geek nerd for nerd... I am sure that my pinky can out tech and type you.

The GS is not perfect but are great a dealing with idiots like you! Please do not reproduce.



Wow...some of you people really need to grow up. I've been an IT professional and certified repair tech for over twenty years...and what Best Buy's Geek Squad does is truely amazing.

The sheer volume alone is enough to keep hundreds of repair techs in "Geek Squad City" hopping 24 hours a day.

And if you think you're going to get better turnaround from the manufacturer or the "Mom & Pop" down the street, then you really haven't thought, at all.

You guys must just like to hear yourself complain. :roll


I have been in the computer repair industry for over 3 years, I hold an A+ & I.T. Certification, on top of multitudes of book learning and personal experience and I can easily say that "geek squad" is the biggest joke to ever hit the world.

I have repaired laptops that ran on a Pentium 3 and had them back within 4 DAYS!!!! Not only that but it takes only 24 hours to get the parts ordered and in stock as apposed the the 3-4 weeks it takes for geek squad. Also, god help you if you don't tell them everything wrong with it I personally check and use each laptop for 24 hours before delivery to make sure everything is operating at peak performance.

Lastly, if your data is that critical, we create a FULL IMAGE of your hard drive in case of any problems, geek squad only gives you a CD with a bunch of poorly labeled folders. In my opinion Geek Squad is as bout as useless as jpegs to Helen Keller (yes i know the reference to Weird Al there), as their service is lousy, time frame absurd, and as for their so called "contract" read the fine print it says their not liable to repair the computer if you caused it EVEN IF IT'S AN ACCIDENT!!!


What's great about geeksquad? " Let me take a look at it.." 15mins later.. " Yeah we need to check it in for a diag, that will be 69$ and about 3-4 days" * time passes* 4th day.. no call, no update... * calls store.. ring.. ring.. ring... ring... disconnected** Go in..

Wait in line for 30 mins. " hi i am checking on my laptop?" " oh, ok let me check on it.. 10mins go by.. you see the geek huddle * comes back " Yeah it needs to go to service, " amazing" ok how long will it take? " " 2-3 weeks." Sure! that's almost a month..." *** i dont need my laptop,.. but i have this contract.. err... service plan!!!.. So i have no choice to take it here. 3 weeks.. pass... " yeah your laptop is still not here.. " ok i want to speak to the manager.. " situation explained.. i am sorry let me get you a replacement.. " how about my data? " we can get it to you but it's going to be 99$ or more and another week..

Yeah let's just put another problem infront of me... Dont bother fixing the phone call issue, or the service center issue..

Thanks BB and GS that's what i really need


Best Buy is a Multi-Million Dollar industry in GeekSquad alone.. They repair millions of computers all over the WORLD!!

They do not stock parts for every computer ever made, You getting your computer back within 2-4 weeks is impressive in my eyes. Learn your *** n stop ***...


your an ***! how bout trying to purchase a bestbuy warranty..

as far as your info goes you only had the manufacture warranty... so you get treated like the manufacture will ***...

your only buying the pruduct and bestbuy is responsible for the unit within the 14 days of purchase.. its a third party seller you ***!




Wow you people are really not that smart. You can research before you buy but you find a bunch of idiots out here that dont under stand anything.

The geek squad is just like Fire dog at circuit city or easy tech at staples or tech pro at old compusa. I have worked at many retail companys and i think that customers get this crazy point of view from these want to be techs. I worked at circuit city and we had over 100 issues with there CA protection plan but we also had over 10,000 customers that gotten all over their problems fixed same at Best Buy Comp Staples. Look at the bigger picture.

Do you want to buy something you cant see? Do you want to have a store that can back you up and their product?

the answer is yes. People just need to make sure they know what they are buying.


have all of you people heard of do research before you buy? and you do know that best buy is just the third party who sells the computer.

The first party is the one who makes the hardware, second party is like DELL, HP, COMPAQ, etc... and BestBuy is the third party who sells those laptops/PC. And do you think the service center only have ten computers a day???

no way yp! they work with tons of computers, get in line!


because best buy is the company that makes them.

how about this:

You buy it from HP/DELL/whatever brand you want

something goes wrong....

YOU CALL THEM / SEND IT TO THEM and WAIT 6 months to get it back.

yes yes now it's starting to sound real good.

Also, IF YOU KNOW ANYTHING about LAPTOPS, you'd also know that "ethernet cards" are soldered/welded onto the motherboard so it's not an easy fix.

Of course that's too hard to understand.... I hate bad companies, but most of all, I hate customers that don't have common sense.

Ironically, you probably call about Wii and suck our genitals to get one....



:( David, I hate to inform you, but just having an A+ certification DOES NOT mean you are licensed to repair anything, you have just passed a certification test, period. I am also A+ certified, MCSE and CNA certified.

Computer repair in general is a NON-licensed profession. Certification just means you met the minimum requirements to answer a few questions, which leads me to this comment, THAT is why you only worked for GEEK SQUAD telephone support!!!!!!

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