San Bruno, California
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I Paid the Geek Squad $600 to run my in-wall and ceiling mount speaker wire for my new contruction. I left them that AM at the new construction, went to work that day.

Came back later that day to inspect the wiring. To say I was completely disgusted at the level of professionalism would be an understatement. The work they performed was like a 6 yr old kid had did the wiring. Total spaghetti factory.

I literally could not believe I just spent 600.00 for the shotty work done. At the very least I expected the work to at least look like a professional did it.

The wires were left hangin from the ceiling to the floor, nothing stapled to the studs, didnt wire to the speaker brackets installed on the studs, no labeling to tell me what wires went to what, the speaker wires were ran right next to 120v lines. The work was so messy that my builder told me to call an have them come back because he could not proceed with drywall with the way Geek Squad left the wiring.

It was an utter mess. Called Geek Squad back to complain and they basically told me they were done. To add injury they even tried to charge me a "custom installation charge" for wall mount volume controls that they never even installed. They have unbelievalbly poor customer service.

These guys are a complete joke. They are definetly not a professional installation service. After weeks of arguing I recieved some of my money back.

Every local custom installation shop warned me about Geek Squad.

I guess I learned the hard way. Would not recommend these guys to the pits of ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $400.

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No pics, no proof, no story.

I know comcast does the same thing though. And AT&T busted *** in my wall the size of a softball while trying to drill a simple 1/4" hole. So I believe it.

But still not sure why you are complaining, it won't get you anywhere with a Billion Dollar company like Best Buy.


u should have took pics of their bad work

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