Sussex, New Jersey
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I purchased a 60" Samsung SmartTV from the BestBuy in Butler, NJ. The 'buying' experience was excellent (sales associate and dept. manager were great). The 'installation' experience with the Geek Squad was excellent (both technicians were courteous and more than competent).

On the otherhand, the telephone support from the Geek Squad to schedule a 'calibration' of my new theater system was/and still is abysmal. So far I have received five (5) phone calls from the Geek Squad and still no appointment. And all 5 calls have been initiated by the Geek Squad. They apparently have a 'to do' list of upcoming appointments that they are trying to clear, but they do not have either the ability or skill to actually schedule the appointment. The last call went on for 28 minutes and now they are promising to call me back when they figure how to schedule a calibration technician that works my geographic area.

Here's a thought!! about sending one of the technicians who did an excellent job of installing and setting up the system. They were good and they know where I live.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Sales Manager.

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