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About two weeks ago my most recent struggle with Geek Squad began. I have been waiting for them to repair my Sony WEGA television. Have you ever noticed that when you call Geek Squad for assistance that everyone there refers to themselves as "Agent" Smith or "Agent" Jones? What arrogant ***.

In their attempt to be cute, slick or "hip" they just look pathetically inept and totally out of touch. Since my repair ordeal began I have been directly LIED TO by two of their "agents". While Geek Squad may view themselves as savvy and experienced, I see them as inept, incompetent, deceitful and manipulative. I have no idea when (or if) my TV will be repaired. I have no idea where the part is that they supposedly ordered, and I am left to wonder why the *** I ever trusted Best Buy or Geek Squad to handle this situation. I will NEVER purchase another thing at Best Buy. If you feel as I do and you have had your fill of the lies and BS from Geek Squad, please think about a possible method of response. The next time that you're stopped at a traffic light and you look over to see a representative (excuse me "agent") of the Geek Squad stopped in the lane next to you, feel free to do what I am going to do. I am going to honk the horn, get their attention and when they look over I am going to GIVE THEM THE MIDDLE FINGER.

Best Buy, you have placed your reputation in the hands of one of the worst "service" organizations you could have found. You deserve whatever negative backlash you receive. Geek Squad: You SUCK

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Who the *** would fix a WEGA tv, it's obsolete! Get some anger management with the money your spending on the repair.


Sorry for the reposting. It was done in error.


Stop reposting! We got the hint the first time you posted your complaint. Posting it again only makes us care less about it.

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