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I brought in my laptop because the screen had burn marks on it. So I brought it for repairs, said it would take about 3 weeks to fix.

I was kind of skeptic about this but then I decided to do it anyways. Surprisingly, it was finished in 15 days. When I picked up my "fixed" computer, I was happy because it came with wrapping plastic on the new screen. I thought the warranty was worth its price.

I was wrong. 18 days after having the computer fixed, I took a picture with the FaceTime camera and the color was yellowed-out. Sadly I did not take it in for repairs because I thought it was normal. But after about a month of using it, the screen that they replaced becomes wobbly.

Really wobbly, even as I'm typing this. Keep in mind that I have not touched what's under the hood after they fixed it. So I decided to bring it in for a complain and they said they could not do anything after 30 days. I even showed them the picture of what was wrong with the camera 18 days after it was fixed.

I was just about to yell and scream the top of my lungs to the manager but my friend told me to calm down. I paid almost 2k for this laptop and another 350 for the warranty and now I have to shell out another 200 bucks for some third party company (although it is approved by Apple) to fix the wobbly-ness. The reason is because Apple would not take my laptop after it is fixed by Best Buy. In conclusion, DO NOT TAKE YOUR APPLE, OR EVEN ANY COMPUTER TO BEST BUY BECAUSE THEY WILL MESS IT UP AND BE LIKE "OH I CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT".

*** I paid 350 for the warranty and you can't do anything about it???? ***....

Monetary Loss: $500.

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uh you should have gone in when you noticed the picture color was off as you say. why the *** do people notice something is wrong with something they Overpaid for in the beginning , only to decide "hey it's not working right, let me keep using it though and THEN complain later"

and btw what would you have gained by yelling at the manager except thrown out of the store if not escorted out by the police?


Better yet....don't buy at "Best Buy" and don't buy Apple (overpriced and proprietary) products!!! Don't follow the crowd, Don't Follow like sheep!! Be original and think for yourself with your own mind and rebel!!!!