Athens, Georgia

Purchased a 42" plasma tv in October, 2011 with a 2 year "Black Tie" protection plan. Sure enough, when my TV developed bad burn-in, they did not attepmt to fix it.

Said I could get a new "comparable" TV at my local Best Buy. They would NOT give me a comparable TV. My only choices were to greatly downgrade to a crappier TV, or pay additional money to get a comparable model. Best Buy / Geek Squad lies and gives you bad attitude, while NOT honoring the plan you pay good money for.

Lesson learned for me. I'll NEVER step foot into another one of their locations. BBB complaint filed.

Picketing starts tomorrow. Hopefully, I can save at least 1 consumer from getting scammed like I got from Best Buy.

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hahahahahahhahaha read your warranty paperwork loser


you are ignorant and i cant stand people like you.


Did you ever stop to think that the reason your Television messes up was becaus it was a Plasma? What you experienced is a common problem in Plasma television sets, next time, don't be ignorant and buy a good television, and quit blaming your problems on the company, and start accepting a little blame for making an uninformed decision.


Read your terms and conditions. We can't always repair.

We use a comparable sku finder and I have personally accomidated a client with a 1200 dollar Asus gaming laptop when their previous was a dell xps. People focus on the negative. Our warrantees do cover you! ADH cover dropping, cracking, overheating from dust build up, lightning strikes, power surges, hardware defects, battery replacement and AC adapter replacement on laptops.

Think what you want but walk into our competiters and see if they ever repair. They just replace as you stated. If your so smart, then enlighten us all on repairing burn ins. You have to replace the screen which on a TV is the TV.

If the cost of repair exceeds the cost of the product then we will replace. Not based on price but comparable technology.


Extended warranties are almost never a good idea to purchase. All they do is make money for the seller---Best Buy in this instance.