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Beware of Best Buy & Gardner White

My name is David and I recently got a Tv from Best Buy via Gardner White. After 2 months the tv went out, so I called the service department (Geek Squad). They said they couldn't order my parts because I got the tv through Gardner white, that they first had to come out and verify my receipt from Gardner White, and afterwards they would order the parts to fix it (2 week wait for Gardner White customers). They fixed my tv and one month to the day later, the tv went out again with the same problem. I call Best Buy AGAIN and they set me up with another appointment for a week and a half later. Well I thought my tv would get fixed on that appointment because we already knew the problem. Umm nope that week and a half appointment was just to send the tech out to see what the problem was??? The day of the appointment the tech calls me because he was the same tech from the last repair, and asked me what the problem was and I told him and he didn't even bother to come out because he said it's the same issue, he said he would go ahead and order the parts needed. Well its already a week and a half at this point, now I have to wait until next week right…. Nope Best Buy only has one tech working that week (to save costs) and I would have to wait till the following week, so a week and a half is now turning into three and half weeks, bringing my total loss of my three month old 55" Toshiba tv to one and a half months. No one at Best Buy could help me, and forget about Gardner White they never called me back (I guess once the sale was made it was out of their hands).

It is also not like I'm a new insignificant customer, to date I have spent over $15,000 with Best Buy, and my first and only purchase with Gardner White was over $12,000….hmm never again.

Now I'm on a mission to reach 1 million people to advise them of the nightmare I have been going through with Best Buy and Gardner white so that way they will not have to go through the same frustrating and stressful situation that I am currently experiencing.

PLEASE REPOST and help me show these large companies, that the customer is the one who is responsible for their successes.

It used to be the customer is always right, now it's the customer is just another number….


David Lanz

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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Jeff B

Mr Lanz,

My name is Jeff Ballard I am Gardner White Service Manager. I would like to see what I can do to assist you can you please email me your order information so I can look into your calim. Thank you


We have sold thousands of televisions with Best Buy with very few issues. Our service manager will contact you tomorrow .

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