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I bought a Samsung G3 for $149 at BestBuy (Sprint Family Plan). I saw it for $74 at Sams Club and $99 at Radio Shack. A short 25 days later, Best Buy had a new ad, lowering the price to $99, so I tried to get a store credit based on price comparison.

Here is the reply from Customer Service:

"The store was correct, we only price matched at the time of purchase. With our new Low

Price Guarantee, we do not cover mobile phones at all since 3/3/13."

So they dont even bother comparisons on mobile phones.


Monetary Loss: $50.

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Never mkind the phone policy(kinda *** policy) but you are really trying to get a price match almost am onth after buying a product? at that point they won't even return the *** thing let alone give you a price match..

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