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FRAUD!! My husband and I paid for a Panasonic Viera model #TC-P50ST60, a $1000 television, bought at the Best Buy at Perimeter Mall in Dunwoody/Atlanta GA.

When the television died (within the warranty period) and we contacted Panasonic for repairs, we found out it wouldn't be covered because the television on the receipt did not match the television Best Buy actually gave us. The television they gave us (model #TC-P50T60) was identical in appearance, but was only $700 because it did not have 3D (we had never attempted to use the 3D so did not realize it was missing). So now I am out not only $300 for the difference in what I paid for and what I received, but also $1000 because the repair will not be covered under warranty and the set is useless. Best Buy refuses to assist us, although I was told by a local employee that they can simply check their inventory records for the week we bought the television to see if there is a discrepancy.

Best Buy won't even do that. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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You should write a letter, yes a letter, to the customer service manager at Best Buy and demand an explanation and investigation. There are checks and balances for inventory and if someone did a switch on purpose or made a simple mistake it should be easily found.

Dealing with entry level customer service people won't get you anywhere as they are just not given any authority. I would also send a letter to Panasonic because whether you received a 3-D tv or not it shouldn't break down so soon. Trust me, contacting companies and giving them the opportunity to fix errors works. Here is my experience with Samsung: March 2012, I purchased a flat screen, high def tv for around $700 and it came with a one year warranty.

Fourteen months later, June 2013, while I was watching the Today show the thing went off and never turned back on. I called Samsung's customer service. They told me I was out of warranty and after trying to trouble shoot with me they recommended an authorized Samsung repair. I was annoyed, but I called.

The woman told me that based on what I said had happened the repair would be between $300-400 and since I paid only $700 to begin with it probably wouldn't be worth it. She gave me an inside customer service department email for Samsung. It is for customers who have gone through the regular process and got nowhere. I did that.

In my letter I detailed my problem and told them the loyal Samsung customer I had been by listing the Samsung electronics I had purchased throughout the years and would not be able to ever purchase another Samsung product if I didn't have faith in their products. Granted, I was two months out of a warranty but a TV shouldn't break in fourteen months. They agreed and extended my warranty. I called back the service company, gave her the new code, she sent a repair agent out within two days.

They had to replace the entire guts of the tv. I am now a loyal Samsung client and just bought a new tv for my bedroom.

Take the time and escalate your issues. It does pay off.

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